BASU, I. The Doties op Princes General Roles op Morality Section 1. Characteristics of Friends Arts and Sciences

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The feminic natured Shukra is a Brahminical planet. He then went to study under rishi Gautama. He later performed penance to Lord Shiva and obtained the Sanjivani mantra a hymn that can revive the dead.

During this period Brihaspati became the Guru Preceptor of the divine people Devaa. Out of jealousy, Shukracharya decides to become the Guru of Asuras. He helps them achieve victory over the Devas and uses his magic to revive the dead and wounded Asuras.

Vamana comes to take the three worlds as alms from the asura King Bali. Lord Vishnu wanted to deceive the King Bali who was the grandson of the great ing Prahlad, in order to help the Devas. The sage Shukracharya identifies him immediately and warns the King. The King is however a man of his word and offers the gift to Vamana.

Shukracharya, annoyed with the pride of the King, shrinks himself with his powers and sits in the spout of the vase, from which water has to be poured to seal the promise to the deity in disguise. Lord Vishnu, in disguise of the dwarf, understands immediately, and picks a straw from the ground and directs it up the spout, poking out the left eye of Shukracharaya. Since this day onwards , the guru of the asuras has been known to be half blind.

Devyani was the daughter of Shukracharya, who was rejected by the son of Brihaspati, Kacha. She later marries Yayati who found the Kuru dynasty. Shukra , the Sanskrit for "clear, pure" or "brightness, clearness", is the name the son of Bhrgu and Ushana, and preceptor of the Daityas, and the guru of the Asuras, identified with the planet Venus, one of the Navagrahas with honorific, Shukracharya.

He is described variously mounted , on a camel or a horse or a crocidile. He holds a stick, beads and a lotus and sometimes a bow and arrow [..

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Sukra Niti



Shukra Neeti - Neetishashtra of Sage Shukracharya




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