Jan 02, Shitiz Srivastava rated it it was amazing When I first entered the film line and decided to write my own films, I was advised by nearly everybody to read Manto. He was story writer and also a screenplay writer, though his film writing career never took off. Manto was a writer who primarily wrote for himself. People also call him Premchand of Urdu Writing. His writing was very simple and easy to understand. He would create stories from daily life just like Premchand, but unlike Premchand, his When I first entered the film line and decided to write my own films, I was advised by nearly everybody to read Manto.

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Saadat Hassan Manto was a great writer of Urdu short story. There is no other competitor in the Urdu language. He authored many books, most of which are short stories Afsanay. Manto displayed the real picture of society, which is the basis of reality. He unveiled the hypocrisy and hypocrites in the community.

He brought real characters and the actual situation in his stories. Manto faced hardships but did not lose heart. Meanwhile, Manto appeared before the courts and gave his opinion.

He discussed the books of the writers in the past and presented evidence that he did not do anything wrong. The courts gave recognition to the point of view of Manto. He won the case in the courts. Saadat Hasan Manto wanted the reforms in society. He wanted to see the things as actual they are. He did not believe in plastic polish to show the brightness. In his opinion, how he could not clothe a naked society.

Manto struggled, fight a battle, and won this action in the end. He said in one story that we are living in a community where a woman cannot run a Tonga, but she can run a brothel.

I hope you will like the book Manto Ke So Afsanay pdf and share it with others.


5 Short Stories by Saadat Hasan Manto That Would Make Perfect Short Films

Thus, communal riots between Hindus and Muslims wreaked havoc on its streets. This incident is carefully guarded by politicians, but Manto is one of the pioneering authors who started a conversation about its dreadful aftereffects. The short stories by Manto expose the brutal truth of a society that was at its demonic best after Partition. Manto has humanized Partition by portraying it as a thoughtless political move. His short stories zeroes in on victims who were far removed from the insensitive politicians who decided their fates. However, Manto has gone largely unnoticed. Sadly, he still is one of the most under celebrated writers of India.


Best of Manto: A Collection of his Short Stories

Both of them had ethnically Kashmiri lineage which made them proud of being Kashmiri. It was a hallmark for his life when he sought knowledge from his mentor. His teacher was a prolific writer and scholar in Amritsar, Punjab. Abdul Bari Alig found a different man who later, proved him right in the big selection for Urdu literature. Soon, he realized his fate and joined Masawat — a publishing house in Ludhiana. During his days there, he joined Indian Progressive Writers Association which boosted his interest in literature. It was Ali Safdar Jafri who met him there and applauded his writing skills.


15 Renowned Short Stories By Manto

He is one of the most renowned writers of short stories in the South-Asian history. Short stories by Manto are counted as golden work in literature, Whenever one thinks about short stories in Urdu, the name Manto appears first in mind. He was born in Paproudi village of Samrala, in the Ludhiana district of the Punjab in a Muslim family and later shifted to Pakistan at the time of partition of India. He was a daring writer who dared to speak about taboo subjects like prostitution through his writings. In India as well as in Pakistan, he was charged with obscenity. Despite this, he continued writing and in his defense, he proclaimed that his writings are nothing but a mirror of society and if people find dirt in his write-ups, it means that the society is contaminated and not his written accounts. Here we present you 15 amazing short stories by Manto.

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