Daniel Olukoya has written numerous result-oriented books on spiritual warfare. The unique thing about his books is that they are often a compendium of real life experiences of individuals that have passed through fire. This particular book, Prayer Rain provides a way out for all those wallowing helplessly under satanic harassment. Knowing what to do, and doing it right could make a difference between who sinks or swims in the river of life. Prayer Rain, is a spiritual life-jacket. Endeavour to own a copy.

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This is a program of uninterrupted prayer and spiritual warfare targeted at disgracing the enemies of your destiny. Through this prayer session, God shall lift your head over the heads of your enemies. Welcome to the Holy Ghost hour, the hour of Midnight Battles. Follow the prayer session till the end, and your testimony shall give birth to multiple testimonies. Anchor Scripture: Psalm 2 Praise and Worship 1. My Father, I am in your courtroom now, avenge me of my adversaries, in Jesus Name. Domestic witchcraft, I drag you to the court of the Almighty, in Jesus Name.

My stubborn enemies, I drag you to the court of the Almighty, in Jesus Name. Enemies of my progress, I drag you to the court of the Almighty, in Jesus Name. God Arise! Judge them by fire! Power of environmental covens, Die, in Jesus Name. Opportunity wasters, my life is not your candidate, Die! Any chain binding my finances, Break Now! Spiritual powerlessness, Die! Pray it like machine-gun by repeating it several times , in Jesus Name. By the power that healed blind Bartemaeus, O God Arise!

Heal me by Fire! Power of infirmity, Die, in Jesus Name. Inherited infirmities, you are a liar! Blood of Jesus, sanitize my blood, in Jesus Name. Any power prolonging infirmity, DIE! Eaters of flesh; Drinkers of blood, my life is not your candidate, therefore, DIE! Agents of infirmity from my food, Die!

My Father, You are the One who created times and seasons, and You put me here to operate, I thank You Father for bringing me here today, by the power of the Holy Ghost, I recover my destiny from the hands of the wicked.

Father, as David cried unto You, so do I cry today, that: Father, my times are in Your Hands deliver me from my wicked enemies. Raise up your right hand to the heavenlies. In the name of Jesus, I de-programme whatever the enemy has programmed into the sun, into the moon and into the stars, concerning my life.

I destroy every evil that has been programmed against me in the heavenlies, in the name of Jesus. Every enchantment, every evil pronouncement, that has been made against me into the atmosphere, I nullify them by Fire!

I nullify them by Fire!! I nullify them by Fire!!! Every altar of darkness raised against me in the heavenlies, DIE! Kill the altar of darkness. Every problem programmed into my life from the heavenlies, DIE! Blood of Jesus, Wipe Out, the handwriting of darkness assigned against me in the heavenlies, in Jesus Name. My Father! Fight for me Now! Every power assigned to destroy my destiny, DIE!

Every power of frustration that pursued me last year, Your Time Is Up! Every operation of darkness in my family line, DIE! I shall have unstoppable advancement in Jesus Name. This year, the wealth of the unbelievers shall be transferred to my bosom, in Jesus Name. This year, my star shall arise and fall no more, in Jesus Name.

This year, men shall chase me around with blessings, in Jesus Name. I recover ten-fold all my wasted years, in Jesus Name. Every dream affliction, Die! This year, men shall compete to favour me, in Jesus Name.

Every satanic malpractice over my family, I cut you off! Sing three hot songs with boiling aggression… No. Every opposition against my possession, DIE! Every good thing that I have laid my hands upon, my hands shall finish it, in Jesus Name.

Thou power of poor finishing, DIE! I refuse to finish poor. Thou power of bad luck, DIE! Serpents of death; serpents of wastage, assigned against my hands, DIE! Lift up your two hands and wave it to the Lord, as u are waving those hands, every arrow of darkness upon the hands is being shaken out, every cobwebs and spirit of death and hell upon the hand are being taken out…. My hands shall bury bad things; it shall not bury good things, in Jesus Name.

Wherever the stars have been programmed to disturb my destiny, O God Arise! Every witchcraft power toying with my destiny, DIE! God of Elijah!

Reshuffle my environment to favour me! Let there be a re-shuflement to favour me. If I have been disconnected from the socket of my destiny, reconnect me by fire! My Father, whatever you have not positioned into my life, wipe them off! And dismantle the poison in my foundation! Negative circumstances that is affecting my success, BOW! I curse the spirit of backwardness, in Jesus Name. Every power delaying the manifestation of my breakthroughs, DIE!

And rearrange my circumstances to bring me into glory! Every proclamation of the powers of darkness against my life, DIE! And package testimonies for me in Jesus Name. Satanic decree working against my life, DIE!

Nullify the decree, cancel it. You evil programmers, let me go! Anything programmed into my foundation to waste my destiny, DIE! Any seasonal problem, programmed into my life, I de-programme you by fire! You altar of evil programmers, assigned against my life, DIE! Satanic programming in the dream, Your Time Is Up!

Therefore, DIE! Every witchcraft material planted into my life from the womb, DIE! Poverty stronghold, I cast u down, I set u ablaze! Every power contesting for my oil, DIE! Ministry of fear in my life, DIE! Every power stealing my promotion, DIE! Every abnormal pattern in my family line, DIE! God Arise and make me a wonder!

Every power reporting me to witchcraft meetings, DIE! Every meeting summoned to waste my life, in the name of Jesus.

In the name of Jesus. Every arrow of witchcraft fired into my prosperity, DIE!!! Therefore, DIE!!! Poverty activator dreams, Hear the word of the Lord! God Arise and use me to change my family history, in the name of Jesus.

My end shall be better than my beginning, in the name of Jesus. Anything buried that is pulling me down, DIE! I re-write my family history by the power in the blood of Jesus. Any problem that came into my life through any dead relative, you are a liar, DIE!!! My life, reject wastage, in the name of Jesus.


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