Shelves: witchcraft This a book about creating talismans. It is written by adept Nick Farrell. The target group are the beginners and especially those who practice Hermetic Kabbalah within the Golden Dawn tradition, but all Witches can use this book to enhance their talismans as it provides all the Agrippa-Barret-Heydon lineage of creating talismans with the use of: -Magickal planetary squares and their improved seals, which I found very useful. Lastly, there are advices, personal experiences from the writer and a ritual for destroying the talisman after it has done the work.

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Fundamentally I agree with the process and what is using a computer but learning through mimicry. I remember getting utterly frustrated when in art classes my brushes and pens refused to comply and stay inside the lines…funny how I gave out to my tools both as though they were real and responsible.

Hmm October 20, at pm I think that is the point. By colouring in you are spending a lot of time paying the symbols a lot of attention. The symbols are more important than the colour.

The colour is used as method of delivering the symbol. If you spend too much time worrying about the colour you can end up losing sight of the symbol. October 20, at pm The difference in printing vs colouring something concerns the Operative Craft or work of the Artisan. Originally much of the work of an Artisan required initiation and membership in a Guild.

Because these various Crafts are literally the foundations of civilization in the case of Masonry and Architecture in particular… but also pottery, metallurgy, agriculture, etc.

I think computer use is handy but not always the best way to do something mystically. There is a learning by doing that cries for a more hands-on approach.

I find some of the almost crayon drawings used in Voudou far more inspiring and powerful than most of the fancier images generated on a computer.

I think using a computer generated template is a great way to go… Like the black and white Tarot cards that one has to colour themselves. IF the participant has already worked with such things as mixing colours they are more likely to do productive work with computer graphics. If not, they first need to use paint until the processes are made clear. Art is a magickal act which closely mimics the act of Creation, but one needs to make it their own by placing their hands upon it as well as their minds.

I am actually pro the original paradigm where the papers had to be checked out, hand-copied, and coloured. Illuminated mss are a mystical tool, and have a long history in RC traditions. I believe that the consciousness of the creator can be attached to the design and implementation of a talisman even if the medium is a digital one.

The great thing about this method is that it only cuts the image, and then I still have to spend hours painting it as precisely and carefully as I like to, in addition to the great amount of time I spend designing and arranging elements of the talisman exactly as I want them.

Great post.


Making Talismans: Living Entitles of Power



Making Talismans: Living Entities of Power


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