Though abandoned by his fellow Kyn, he remains honour bound to protect their secrets from his interrogators. Blinded, nailed to a cross, and sealed in a chapel cellar beneath a ruined chateau, Gabriel faces an eternity of suffering. A Fateful Coupling — Gabriel and Nick has met before in each others dreams. Bound together by more than coincidence, their destinies intertwine even as their passions ignite…. They returned home and died only to rise again as vampires or Kyn as they call themselves.

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Mazukora Oct 20, Theresa rated it it was amazing. You can really feel that the two of them need to be with each other and make a really good couple. They are definitely my favorite couple of the series, Alex being my favorite of the pair. I liked Nick too — self composed, assured, determined, focused Maybe in the next books more will come to light. All I can say about this book was that I was a little bit disappointed with it. But in this book Richard is revealed a bit more and it is a welcome look at him and his household.

Basically these books chronicle the lives of a set of vampires who refer to Pros: And Finally, Viehl allows a more complete look at Richard. In this book the two stories are completely separate, each running on its own trajectory and slowly converging in the end to create a nicely climactic moment. Blind, amnesiac male vampire, vidhl led to safety by woman [s]. Feeling utterly alone and abandoned Gabriel prays from someone to rescue him.

His body is suffering a mutation into an animal species that will eventually nigyt him. One of the major female ch 4 Darkyn series vampires Another engrossing adventure within the Darkyn! Michael and Alex were great, as usual. He has never revealed his secrets to them even after being totured and blinded by them. Her mother and step-father are dead and she is out to get the killer.

Gabriel Seran, thought dead by the rest of the Darkyn, is imprisoned in a hidden dungeon of a moldering old church in France, constantly tortured for information by the Brethren. Lgnn Seran has been held prisoner of the religious zealots the Brethren for the past 2 years.

LOVED nnight plots equally. He only holds onto life for her he hopes they can meet before he finally dies The Darkyn are vampires, they no longer drain their prey, but take enough to survive. References to this work on external resources. Buy for others We get know from the beginning that Nicola is looking for the Madonna, she stumbles upon Gabriel and they have sex in woods I tip my hat to Richard.

Other books in the series. His headquarters are in Dundellan Castle in Ireland. Open Preview See a Problem? Alexandra was taken at the end of the third novel by Richard, the high lord. Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. Nick, the female main character featured in this book, just might be my favorite female lead yet.

The story arc started in book 3 is completed. Nicola Jefferson spends her life freeing vampires held captive under European churches, hoping they will lead her to a precious artifact known as the Golden Madonna, and when she frees Gabriel Seran, she realizes the two have a deep bond that will forever link their destinies.

You can also find Midnight Blues, a free Darkyn novella, available to download on this site. Overall, I give this 4 stars. Nicola has been traveling through out Europe looting and stealing artwork and other religious icons from churches fencing them to support her search for the Golden Madonna that was stolen from her family. Marcella Evareaux is a Darkyn and the sister of Arnaud Evareaux.

Nov 03, Andrea rated it did not like it. And as always, Alex is a genius. That night she visits the place. Is there more drama coming up? Jun 24, Christel rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Can Nick and Gabriel manage to trust one another for long enough? Blinded, nailed to a cross, and sealed in a chapel cellar beneath a ruined chateau, Gabriel faces an eternity of suffering.

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Darkyn Series

Mijind Nicola Jefferson is not unlikeable, but the author kept her secret too long for the sake of the ending twist which made her character hard to relate to. Luckily for these ultimate bachelors Viehl seems to conveniently drop a suitable woman into their laps quite literally in every installment. In fact, they believe him to be dead. Maybe someone socially awkward would be nice once in a while. Mar 11, Jen rated it really nigyt it Shelves: With vampire book reviews, information and author interviews.



Grobei It is a great read that could stand alone but I suggest reading her previous novels which introduce all the characters. Viiehl loved this book! Some of their family members also caught the plague and died although not all of them rose again as Kyn. Lynn Viehl writes a fascinating paranormal tale that readers will appreciate with each bite and look forward to sequels.

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