The juxtaposition of man and rubbish brings together immediately the themes of poverty and despoliation. The next is a photograph of a homeless man found dead in a basement. Welcome to parts of Russia where time has stood still. Most of the photographs are of grim-faced miserable-looking people, old before their time, often living in the most appalling squalor. There is not a smiling face in the entire book, and a considerable number feature people either drinking or drunk, or taking drugs.

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This is what Delahaye did. You see that when you leave the camera on its own. Not the red of Communism though — it is a huge Coca-Cola mural occupying the entire end wall of a block of flats. The big picture Art and design The Guardian A wiry man of 41, a thoughtful and precise talker, Delahaye is often loosely described as being of peasant stock.

The digital camera will do almost everything for the photographer — focus, judge the exposure, compensate for variations of light. Follow me on Twitter My Tweets. The images he shot along his journey, taken in the only available light of low-wattage electric bulbs, are raw, garish, red smears of human destitution, the tawdry furnishings a physical extension of the debauched bodies.

Anais marked it as to-read Apr 01, To find out more, including lux to control cookies, see here: It helped me a lot to define what I wanted to do in photography, to delahayee an attitude. One wonders if there are many people willing to pay hard currency just for that. Elsewhere a young girl wearing lipstick sits on a bed staring impassively at the camera, suggesting one way to survive. Some of the most powerful work you did in the past was during the war in Bosnia.

Lenin would doubtless be shocked to see such disparities still present. Nobody should have to live like this. In the new direction that you are now moving, what do you hope to show in your future photographs that you feel was missing in the past work?

Luc Delahaye Delahaye joined Magnum in as a nominee and became a full member in He cooked lunch for me — smoked salmon, spaghetti, terrific cheeses, wine, of course — and we discussed at leisure his attitudes, his experiments and his claims for his work.

And Delahaye is probably unique in being willing publicly to criticise the master and his legacy. A psychiatric patient with a heavily bruised face is a sign that such social conditions are not conducive to empathy. A dead Taliban fighter, shoes removed and his wallet tossed nearby, surrounded by footprints, every detail winterreis with amazing clarity. A couple of weeks after Luc Delahaye answered these questions, I went to see the photography collection of the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, Va.

Inside the houses nothing is new, everything is used until it falls apart, or even beyond. Has this way of showing your work been successful for you? Carter marked it as to-read Jul 11, No wonder the Russian life expectancy and birth-rate are so low. Sloan rated it it was amazing Nov 09, I like wimterreise density of the small format.

Winterreise The small size of the book conveys an intimate feel, and in order to be unobtrusive Delahaye has used a fast film and avoided flash, which gives the images the soft grainy, often blurry, look of snapshots caught on the fly that belies their artistry. In another experiment inDelahaye took a hidden camera into the Metro and snatched shots of people sitting opposite him.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. An old picture of Lenin occupying one shot is an ironic comment on dashed aspirations. No trivia or quizzes yet. Martin marked it as to-read Aug 20, Most 10 Related.


Luc Delahaye

Winner Luc Delahaye Luc Delahaye — Winterreise, The award-winning series for the year takes us on a journey through Russia in the depths of winter. Delahaye reveals the troubles and miseries of the russian population during the changes gripping post-communist Russia. The unusually intense chromaticity underlines the intimate ruthlessness of the series. In the neglected outskirts of the cities he passed through Dzerzhinsk, Novgorod, Perm, Omsk, Noriilsk, Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk, he knocked on the doors of complete strangers.


Luc Delahaye





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