De hecho ni una ni otra de estas dos maneras de concebir la existencia es la ideal, ya que la felicidad reside en un estado de equilibrio perfecto entre nuestros deseos materiales y nuestras aspiraciones espirituales. Es evidente que si violamos continuamente las leyes naturales que obran en nuestro cuerpo, no podemos mantenernos con buena salud. El mismo principio se aplica a nuestra mente. El hecho de vivir en el plano terrestre, nos obliga a utilizar facultades objetivas y subjetivas. Debemos por lo tanto hacer todo lo posible para vibrar al ritmo de emociones puras y constructivas, ya que no se puede conocer la Paz Profunda mientras seamos prisioneros de reacciones emocionales discordantes.

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Metaur liber amorc Originally posted by mblahnikluver reply to post by hawk Oh, yeah, will you post more monographs? He dreamed of a Cathedral whose very foundation would be laid so high above the greatest of the earthly cathedrals that there would be no contact and no association.

Therefore, by watching the pages of the Rosicrucian Digest amrc month our members, in any degree or in any part of the work, may take advantage of any special periods that may be stated therein, and attune themselves with the Celestial Sanctum and enjoy its beatitudes wmorc beneficent blessings. In libef East of this Sanctum our members will find a beautiful alter in a magnificent apse, illuminated by violet light of Cosmic vibrations.

Some of these convocations will be for worship, others will be for instruction, and still others for healing treatments. Freemasonry recognizes its own Rosicrucian degrees and societies. May Peace Profound abide with you ever, and may the spiritual effulgence of the Celestial Sanctum envelop and ensconce you, lifting you to great heights eternally!

Yet it was like an electric flash that animated the spiritual reactions of thousands of our members: He was ever mindful of the great ambition of his life.

The number on the Dollar is connected with both symbols. Any reports of unusual contacts with the Celestial Sanctum that you think would be of interest for our files and records, we shall be glad to have you send to us.

Accordingly, the announcement has been made. It takes time, patience, and amoc spiritual development to first contact the Sanctum.

At whatever amorv we may wish to attune ourselves with the Celestial Sanctum and enjoy the contact and communion we shall proceed as follows:. Many Masons will say they have no hidden agenda, but I have serious doubts. In the midst of visualization, when you are creating the Sanctum in your mind, as you want it to look, using Dr. Further, Rosicrucianism is a philosophical path to spiritual illumination. Sanctum, and Commune in pureness and worthiness. There are those today who have passed on from this earthly life who were happy in the many contacts they made with our Imperator in the years that he enjoyed their cooperation.

Serafine Anthony Lemos, F. As a symbol of the Celestial Sanctum we have adopted a picture shown in this pamphlet, drawn by the pen of H. Then we shall sit in silence in some place in the home where we may be alone, whether in the dark or in the light, and closing our eyes, we shall say this brief prayer in soundless words: Rosicrucianism is indeed found in certain parts of Masonry, but A.

In this Celestial Sanctum, provision has been made for a Cosmic Choir lober the voices of specially prepared members of our organization oiber in America, and in other lands, will be heard at times chanting and singing the sacred anthems that have been composed by amocr Masters of our organization in the past.

After you kiber Liberthe manuscript below, re-read this section and it will make more sense to you. So mote it be! Many references to a schedule of services is mentioned below, but this is no longer necessary as the group has grown to thousands of students and this is no longer necessary.

Hundreds of letters were written, several thousand experimental contacts were made, and many hours of mental and spiritual labor were devoted to evolving the plans and the features of this new conception of the human mind. Freemasonry has no connection to the organization calling itself A. I have taken the liberty to change the name in the manuscript below to conform to the present name. At this time this pamphlet is being prepared, letters and cablegrams regarding the Celestial Sanctum have come from all parts of the world, libr in the hearts and minds of many thousands the Celestial Sanctum is now a Cosmic reality.

This is not just a dream, there are many students of Mysticism that are capable to enter the Celestial Sactum afer a few trials. Then we shall remain seated, and with eyes closed, visulize the consciousness within us rising higher and higher, above and beyond the limits of material existence, to that Cosmic World to which our consciousness will seem to be drawn by the very purity of its nature.

We have seen that he could close his eyes in the midst of business activities, strife and turmoil, anxiety, and worldly restlessness, and, oblivious to his surroundings, remain en rapport for a time, only to return to instant activity, inspired with a new message, a new thought, a picture, a painting, a law or principle, a lesson or a perfect anorc of knowledge.

Silence regarding the plans and work being carried on, was one of the essentials, and we know from letters received recently, how happy thousands of our members are to know that the great work is finished now and that an announcement of the existence of the Celestial Sanctum can be made.

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Liber 777 - Sanctum Celestial

Mikanris When special ceremonies are being conducted by one of the Masters of the Great White Lodge, the Triangle over the alter will libed especially bright in its violet illumination. No matter when you may wish to contact and enter the silence of the Celestial Sanctum, you will prepare yourselves, use Prayer, and find others dwelling there in spiritual thought and Holy Communion. The more sincere and sacred the desire, or the more intense the momentary need, the quicker will be the contact. This is really interesting.


Liber 777 – A.M.O.R.C.

Arajar Do Rosicrucians have anything to do with masons? I could tell you that the Rosicrucians have no hidden agenda, but would you believe me? Read the manuscript below carefully to learn the procedure. Above the alter will be suspended by magnetic forces a jeweled Triangle, with points downward.

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