Edit The Lands of the Linnorm Kings has no central government to speak of. Instead it is a series of smaller kingdoms united by their common Ulfen heritage. Each of these smaller kingdoms is based around a single large town and led by a Linnorm King, the only exception to this is the kingdom based around Trollheim which instead has a castellan. The Linnorm Kings are leaders of legend with each king being a powerful warrior equal to the mightiest heroes of any other land. To claim the title of Linnorm King an applicant must defeat a fey dragon know as a Linnorm in single combat. This incredibly difficult challenge ensures that only the mightiest warriors ever become Linnorm Kings.

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Sign in to create or edit a product review. Check out my full review: Lands of the Linnorm Kings. Linorm Kings and King of Linnorms Dragon78 — Feb 4, , pm Nice book with a great viking style flavor, with some detail on cultures, varius towns, dangerous locations, special payment for death and maiming, and much more.

There some fun mosters in here such as Fafneir, the Huldra, Fey animal template and Mountain trolls to name my favorites. If you like viking style settings then this is a book you will want to add to your collection. Like the rest of the Pathfinder Campaign Setting books, it is 64 full color pages long, with magnificent cover and inside back cover art, as well as a well done map inside the front cover that shows the location of every place mentioned in the book as well as a few more.

The first and biggest chapter, the Linnorm Kingdoms, is a brief yet information-packed guide to the nation proper. After a three page timeline, you get the various kingdoms. The kingdoms all get four pages of coverage, going into their rulers, local culture, and settlements. You also get sections covering the fey and monster-haunted Grungir Forest, complete with a city of talking beasts, and Icemark, home to reindeer-herding nomads. Third is a chapter on how adventuring in the Linnorm Lands differs from other locales in the larger setting, and it is easily far and away the most unique part of the book.

There are well-done rules covering the gaining and losing of reputation, something more valuable than gold among these people. There is a section covering effigies, basically a kind of ritual involving somewhat brutal sacrifices and preparation in exchange for putting very potent curses upon enemies. This is everything from the nithing-pole to the blood eagle to the wicker man. Next comes a section on weregild and ransom, and lastly are some well-chosen unique treasures for your players.

Lastly we get an extensive bestiary that includes both monstrous and human foes. You get the classic raider, cannibal berserkers, and monsters such as fey animals, the Scandinavian huldra, the truly horrid mindslaver mold, and Fafnheir. The latter especially is one of THE nastiest monsters ever to show up in a Pathfinder book. This is an excellent product. It has little rules content so its usable for systems other than Pathfinder. Everything I could have hoped for an more!

Miranda Silva — Nov 18, , pm Yet another excellent book from Paizo. Inside cover has a close up picture, and unlike other Pathfinder setting books everything on the map is covered in the book.

They are all very different despite their Norse influences. Chapter 2: The Proving Grounds A variety of story seeds and location of interest to adventurers. Chapter 3: Adventuring in the Linnorm Kingdoms Four things here: Reputation, a system that is interesting. Effigies, which strike terror and curse to those who come near. Really cool, I could see a lot of Big Bads using them around their lairs, especially the Tree of Souls.

Wiergild and Ransom, detailing the practice of raiding for captives and them selling them back. We finish off with a couple of magical artifacts. Those will be really helpful to GMs.





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