Everything about Kali worship, Her names, stotrams that She likes all translated so clearly.. I recommend it with no hesitation. Kali Maa ki Jai! I can only say, thank you very much to Swami Satyananda for this sweet labor of love, it has everything anybody could think of to worship Mother Kali. Please do get both of them to enjoy moments of bliss with Divine Mother! Things like establishment of the pot, and Adya Stotram translation..

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Kali leads our awareness into timelessness. She cuts down all impurities, consumes all iniquities, and purifies the hearts of Her devotees. Using Kali Puja we can worship Her according to the ancient tradition. Kali Puja includes the original Sanskrit mantras, Roman transliteration and English translation. About the Author Swami Satyananda Saraswati is considered to be one of the foremost Vedic scholars and Sanskrit translators in the West. He is the author of nearly 60 books in nine different languages representing a significant contribution to the understanding of Hinduism and Vedic religious practices.

Swamiji comes from the Dashnami lineage of Adi Shankaracharya, and belongs to the Saraswati tribe of renunciates and scholars who are living the life of a teacher and a knower of wisdom, worshiping with both spiritual knowledge and devotion.

His Guru, Swami Amritananda Saraswati, initiated him into the Vedic Knowledge, Sanskrit, and the Chandi Path and sacred fire ceremony as his primary system of spiritual discipline in He practiced the recitation of the Chandi Path in the Himalayan snow and in the hot springs of Bakreswar.

Through this rigorous penance, he became impervious to the influences of heat and cold. Through his experiences walking the length and breadth of the Himalayas over 15 years, Swamiji fell in love with Sanskrit and became proficient in numerous languages including Bengali and Hindi. Wherever he went he would learn the local systems of worship and inspire those around him to participate. In , Swamiji met Shree Maa when he was performing a vow of worship in a small temple in the interior of West Bengal.

They toured India, spreading their divine love and inspiration by performing pujas, homas, and sharing their realizations, and teaching their methods of spiritual practice. In they came to America and established the Devi Mandir, where he and Shree Maa shine their beacon of light from Napa, California. Today, they share all their resources to give every individual an opportunity to access these spiritual teachings. Product Details.

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