Create an update disc. Prepare a blank DVD-R disc. Copy it into the root directory of a DVD-R and finalise or close the disc. Update is not possible using a CD-R disc. The folder configuration may differ depending on how you extract the data or what software you used for extraction.

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Every time you turn on the unit, the screen below appears. Take enough care when operating the unit and make sure safe driving. It may be unlawful to record or play back copyrighted material without the consent of the copyright owner. Use of this copyright protection technology must be authorized by Macrovision, and is intended for home and other limited viewing uses only unless otherwise authorized by Macrovision.

Reverse engineering or disassemb Follow the procedure below and make necessary settings. If Forward and Reverse alternates on the display, connection is correct. Select one o Calibration Before using the Navigation System first time, it is required to calibrate the Navigation System.

To restore the sound, press the same button again. Now the setting is changed. Remaining time until Change the source. In AV Menu: Change the source and switch to the The unit is equipped with the steering wheel remote control function.

Turn off the AV function if pressed and held. The requirements of the Road Traffic Regulations must alwa To clear the data, perform Reset Calibration on page Switch to the AV screen. Call up Shortcut Menu. Current position mode —The map scrolls automatically so that your position is always at the centre of the map. Operate the current AV source. Call up a menu screen. The direction you are heading to is displayed at the upper right corn Shortcut Menu is a gateway to various operations.

While guided While not guided To select an icon, press ENT or one of the four keys on the right circle button corresponding to the icon. Select [Go Here] to start guidance. The System starts calculating the route to the selected destination, and guidance starts. Select one of the methods to search for your destination.

The information on the search result appears. The System starts calculating the route to th Following turn if any What if I miss a turn? Map screen To get information Guidance information is displayed on the lower-right corner of the AV screen. To check the estimated arrival time and distance to the next via point Each time you press and hold the button, the information on the upper left corner alternates between that of the next via poi A confirmation message appears.

Press ENT to confir You can easily call up your usual route without the trouble of setting destinations. To save a route 1 Select your destination and via points if necessary , and start guidance. Name The name of the favourite point. Group See the table on the right for the available ten groups. Categorize the favourite points so that you can find them easily. Address The address of the favourite point. Telephone number If you have conne The traffic information sent by a TMC radio station is received and analysed by the System.

The System can inform you of where congestion exists, and how you can detour it. Destination Menu Menu items Home Start guidance to a home. Appears only while not guided. Appears only while guided. Appears only If you want to see the turn on map, press MAP to switch to the map scr If else, the scale does not change at turns. Fit For Guidance : Effective onl Select Off to obtain the full performance from the unit. No function DAB Auto search. Change services. Disc Change tracks. Music serve You can preset six stations for each band.

Local FM stations with the strongest signals are searched and stored automatically in the FM band. Search for a station—Auto Search. Select a service either primary or secondary to listen to. Presetting services You can preset six DAB servic To activate, tune in to another service providing the signal required for Announcement Standby Reception.

Start playback. Stop playback. The disc type is automatically detected, and playback starts automatically for some discs: automatic start depends on its internal progr To select Track Repeat 1 2 AV Menu ] Mode ] Repeat ] Track 3 When one of the playback modes is selected, the corresponding indicator lights up on the disc information screen. To cancel , select Off in step 2.

You can also access the Folder List through AV On the disc information screen: The title number lights up in grey. While playing To cancel PBC playback 1 2 Select a When you press it again, the operation bar spreads out below. The recorded tracks are categorized into genres and albums. You can make 99 genres in the music server, and 99 albums in each genre.

Each album can contain Intro Track : Plays the first 15 seconds o Record appears in AV Menu. Copy appears in AV Menu. Normal Quality : More compre Changing the titles You can change the names of genres, albums and tracks in the HDD. Playback of the selected item starts. Display the Disc List. Select a disc to start playing. Playing other external components External input You can connect an external component to the CD changer jack on the rear using the Line Input Adapte Preparation: When connecting a video component Make sure Ext Input is selected for the external input setting, and Video for the video input setting.

When connecting a camera Ma Enter the specified PIN code to the unit. You can also access the preset number list through Phone Menu ] List. Dial Preset To dial to the number acquired in Navigation System 1 Search for a POI or a favourite point which has teleph It may be different from the operation status.

Received Calls Select a phone number from the list of the received calls. Phonebook Select a name, then phone number from the phone book of the connected mobile phone. Missed Calls Select a Disconnect the current device before connecting another dev On : Activates the demonstration on the monitor. Wall Paper You can select the background picture of the monitor. Default, Digit


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