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Once shipped customers will receive a tracking number. Customers will be notified as soon as possible if there are any delays in shipping. Please ensure your shipping address is correct as your order may be sent to the wrong address. We are here to help, Contact Us for any concerns, our toll- free number is 1- 8. If you wish to make a return, please contact us so the appropriate arrangements can be made. Once processed, refunds will be issued back to the credit card or Pay.

Pal account used in the original purchase. You may return unused items for a full refund or replacement. Shipping and Returns Overview. Customers will be notified as soon. Please read the Product Safety Guide first, then read this Quick Setup Guide for the correct setup and installation procedure. Find remanufactured Intellifax fax cartridge installation instructions on our blog.

Before claiming a refund, have a look at the troubleshooting guide found at the bottom of this page. Frequently Asked Questions: When will my order ship? We aim to ship products as soon as possible, most items ship on the same or next business day. Items which are backordered will take longer to ship and customers will be notified with an estimated time if delays are expected. When will my order arrive after it is shipped? All orders are shipped from our Mississauga, Ontario warehouse. Delivery times vary based on delivery location and carrier.

Generally orders within Ontario and Quebec take 1- 2 business days. There is usually an additional 1- 2 business days for delivery to rural and remote locations. If you need the product delivered more quickly, we offer premium expedited shipping methods.

Please call our toll- free number 1- 8. Do you ship internationally? Currently, we only ship within Canada. What are the shipping rates? My tracking number is not working. What should I do? There may be a delay when tracking numbers are updated with correct information. If you believe you received an incorrect tracking number then please feel free to contact us.

If the tracking number indicates that your package was delivered but you did not receive it, please do a thorough check around your mailbox, porch, office, etc. It is also possible the courier left the package with a neighbor.

If you cannot find your package call our toll- free number 1- 8. What should I do if an item is delivered damaged? If your shipment is delivered damaged, please contact us to discuss arrangements for return and in order to obtain a replacement.

See below for answers to common questions about our Return policy. I want to make a return what do I do? Call our toll- free number 1- 8. Are my products eligible for return?

In general, we offer full returns and refunds for unused products. If you believe your products are defective, first please make sure that the toner is the problem e. Then have a quick look over the Troubleshooting Guide below before contacting us. Please call and tell us that there is a problem before sending the cartridge back to us.

All compatible and remanufactured cartridges that are defective will be replaced or refunded at no charge. Troubleshooting Guide and Common Problems. My cartridge will not fit in the printer. Make sure that the cartridge you ordered is the correct type for your model of printer. In many cases we sell high yield toners.

These cartridges may be larger than what you purchased in the past, they contain more toner, but are designed to fit inside your printer. In addition, ensure that the toner cartridge is securely in place and completely inserted into your printer.

My printer is giving me an error and does not print. Some printer models have specific instructions when installing new toner or drum units.

Consult your printer manual to ensure proper installation. Some general troubleshooting tips: Check that the cartridge is securely in place.

Try removing the cartridge, then turning the machine off, waiting a minute and then turning it back on. Afterwards slowly and securely install the cartridge. Updating printer firmware, in some cases, will cause compatible toners to be rejected.

It is recommended that firmware not be updated. If your toner does not work, call us for troubleshooting and to enquire about a replacement. There are ink marks dots, lines, etc.

Ensure that the toner you purchased is the cause of the error. Do this by using another toner e. Alternatively, if your printer has a copier, try copying a document and check the copy for errors. Marks on the page can be caused by faulty drum or roller issues. Before contacting us to claim a return, please ensure that the toner is the defective component.


Brother IntelliFAX 1960C User Manual



Brother IntelliFax 2800 Fax Machine User Manual


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