Larger Images "The Box that Rocks" - watts of GigRac power Launched to much acclaim in January , the GigRac family of powered mixers for gigging bands and presentation systems has been joined by the most powerful version yet — the stereo GigRac st, which delivers a massive watts output power watts per channel into 4 ohms. The st is slightly higher than its brothers at 5U 8. As with the GigRac and models, there are two output signal paths, one for the main front-of-house output and one for stage monitors. In normal stereo use, the two power amps deliver a full W of power 4 ohms to the Main FOH output, but the st can be switched to provide watts to the Main output and watts to the Monitor outputs.

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Page 4: Important Safety Instructions If the mains fuse fails repeatedly this may be because an electrical safety hazard exists. The unit must be taken out of service and referred to the Soundcraft dealer from where the equipment was purchased. Page 6 Soundcraft dealer. Soundcraft cannot accept any liability whatsoever for any loss or damage caused by service, maintenance or repair by unauthorised personnel.

We hope you have many happy years together! This is very important to prevent any damage to either the GigRac or your loudspeakers! Using good quality speaker cables connect the loudspeakers to the Speaker outputs on the rear of the GigRac.

Page 11 Turn the Main Master Volume control 1 up to about half-way. Now gradually turn up the Main Volume control 6 on the microphone channel you have chosen to use. You should now hear the microphone signal appearing in the loudspeakers as you begin to speak. You should also be able to see activity on the Output Meter 7. Before plugging in, make sure the Main Volume control 6 for the chosen channel is turned fully off to avoid accidental damage to your speakers.

Usually vocals require some digital reverb or echo to be added to them in order to create a more spatial sound that is pleasing to the listener. Channels are designed to handle mono microphone or mono line level signals only. Channels are designed to handle mono microphone and stereo line level signals but will also accommodate mono line-level signals as well.

Page 16 2 PAD switch Channels only Pressing the PAD switch reduces the input level by 20dB allowing line or mic level signals that would normally be too loud for the Input stage to handle to be connected without any audible distortion. Page 17 The FX Bus Output connector could also be used to connect to other external devices such as effects processors or recorders.


Soundcraft Gigrac 1000st Powered Stereo Mixer 1000 St



Soundcraft GigRac 300 Manuals


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