She made clear that she wanted to pay the debt within one month of the date of the judgment 17th November so as to ensure that her credit rating was not affacted. On receipt of the Notice of Enforcement she contacted the enforcement company to advise that she could not pay immediately and wanted to make an arrangement to pay by the 17th December. She was advised to file an N She was wrongly advised that enforcement would cease. ON 11th December she made a series of desperate posts as she was having trouble completing the N and was becoming very anxious as the matter had to be resolved within 6 days by 17th December otherwise a record of the judgment would appear on her credit file and remain there for a further six years. She did so.

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County Court forms Have you received County Court forms for a money claim? Do you need help with court fees, eviction, paying a judgment or forms to deal with insolvency? Please note that the PDF documents on this page may not be suitable for screenreaders. If you need help writing to your creditors we also provide sample letters to print and send.

N9A — Admission form specified amount This form is for replying to the court if you agree you owe the money but need to make an offer to pay it in instalments. Again, you need to get debt advice and deal with this as a matter of urgency. N11M — Defence form mortgaged residential premises Use this form to give the court the information needed to make a decision at a repossession hearing.

N11R — Defence form rented residential premises Use this form to give the court the information needed to make a decision at an eviction hearing. N — Application notice This form has several uses. Get help with your court fees Courts charge fees for most applications. EX — Apply for help with court fees Use this form to apply for help with court fees if you have a low income.

Alternatively, you can now apply online for help with fees. Administration order application form If you want to apply for an administration order use the forms below.

N — Administration order guidance notes These guidance notes will help you understand how to apply for an administration order. N92 — Application for an administration order Use this form if you want to apply for an administration order. Free debt advice Are you worried about your debt problem? You can get free debt advice using our online debt advice tool. Related articles.


Form N245: Apply to suspend a warrant or vary payments made by a court order

N Application Form How do I apply to suspend the warrant of control? This application must be made on form N which is available from your local County Court hearing centre. The court cannot refuse to accept the application just because the bailiff has not yet visited or managed to get in. However, the bailiff can continue to call round until the court agrees to suspend the warrant. Filling in the N application form Work out your budget. Make sure you include all your income and outgoings from your budget on form N

LEY 23697 PDF

Fillable Form N245 Application for suspension of a warrant

County Court - stopping bailiff action February Fact sheet no. Bailiffs are also commonly known as enforcement agents. In this fact sheet we use the term bailiff. This fact sheet tells you about the powers county court bailiffs have if they are collecting an unpaid county court judgment.


National Debtline

The name and address will be on the judgment form. Do not pay the court. Send a cheque or postal order by post, or make a bank transfer. Do not send cash through the post. Keep a record of your payments and make sure you pay in time. You may want to set up a standing order to pay the money directly from your bank account. Ask to change the payments You can ask to change the amount you pay per week or per month.

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