Auf Mega-Vergleichsportal. So kannst du richtig Geld sparen. Hier findest du eine Auswahl an flysky fs t6 anleitung deutsch. Wir hoffen das du dein flysky fs t6 anleitung deutsch so bei uns zu einem absoluten Top Preis findest.

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Quickstart Guide Extra long bind plug in case you have difficulties binding your receiver Quick note: This radio system does not come with a physical copy of the manual. As mentioned before, it is 2. Furthermore, it is completely programable and versatile, able to be used with any plane, helicopter or quadcopter you might happen to own. It even comes with a receiver for installing into the plane of your choice. This is an exceptional value as with most transmitters you have to buy the receiver separately.

Another pro to this system is that it holds twenty models in its memory. This makes it excellent for those of you with more than one plane. Simply program in your model information in the setup menu, bind the receiver to the transmitter and you are set to fly.

Once at the field, you can switch models at will. FlySky receivers are relatively cheap. This makes the process of installing new receivers to your various planes far more affordable. It might be a good idea to even buy several receivers for the planes, helicopters and quadcopters you plan on getting in the future. Anything that has up to six channels will work with this transmitter, making it perfect as a starting point.

The sensitivity on this transmitter is perfectly controllable. If you are going to do sport flying, you can adjust the controls to be very sensitive, allowing you split-second, precision control. However, if you are learning to fly, or are someone who prefers skill flight to sport flight, just dial the sensitivity down.

It is all up to you. This transmitter is versatile enough to handle most needs you might have. Finally, this transmitter is backwards compatible.

Cons The biggest con of this transmitter is the battery type. Instead of taking a small, rechargeable lipo battery as most higher-end transmitters do, the T6 takes eight AA batteries with no option to remove the battery tray unless you take it apart and mod it to take another form of battery such as a lipo.

These batteries also have a tendency to not last as long as a rechargeable battery. If you are going to use this transmitter on a regular basis, we suggest either modding the transmitter to take a rechargeable battery or buying rechargeable AA batteries and always keeping a set charging. If you do not, your wallet will be much thinner than it has to be. Mixes The only other con to this system is the amount of mixes it can do.

This transmitter can only handle four mixes at a time. This limits the amount of functions you can assign to one switch. The menus are accessed by clicking and then sliding a scroll wheel to the item you want to change.

This makes this transmitter a breeze to set up for first-time programmers or for making changes on the fly. Furthermore, the menus are super simple and instinctive to use. This will cut down on the frustration and get you into the air more quickly. The display on this transmitter is very easy to read. The indigo backlit display features large fonts for easy viewing so you will not have to squint.

If the batteries start to run low, the transmitter will beep to warn you that it is time to change the batteries. To further save battery, the transmitter also features an inactivity alert. If you leave it turned on and not in use for a minute, the transmitter will beep to let you know. This prevents you from accidentally leaving your transmitter turned on.

Switch Warnings Another smart feature of the T6 transmitter is the switch warnings system. If you try to turn the transmitter on, and any of the two-position control switches are in their engaged positions, the transmitter will give you an audio and visual warning. This puts the frequency of the radio out of range of any noise from the aircraft you are running, including noise from brushless motors or metal on metal contact. Because of this, your system is much less likely to glitch than a traditional radio system.

This way you and your friends can all fly simultaneously. Your transmitter will simply pick a frequency that is empty and set itself and the bound receiver to that frequency. It will not control anything over six channels, and it takes a lot of batteries.

However, it is a solid transmitter for the price, and comes with a receiver to boot.


Flysky FS - I6 transmitter user manual in English

Request s for return or exchange and report s of missing or damaged part s must be received within 30 days of your receipt of merchandise s. We reserves the rights to entertain requests received thereafter. Items returned must be in as-new conditions with the packing slips, manuals, accessories and all other items intact in original packaging. Returned merchandise must be received from our customer before we will process and ship out any replacement. All merchandise should be returned to us by shipping carriers with safe method which provides proof of shipment just in case your item does not reach us. We will not responsible for the lost of returned merchandise in shipping. Shipping and handling charges for all orders are non-refundable, as we have paid the Post Office to send the shipment and the Post Office will NOT refund the postage cost back to us after they processed the shipment.


flysky fs-t6b download



Fly Sky FS-T6 Instruction Manual


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