Cross Fire Paranormal Romance Dec To a woman who faced death and came out on top, the charismatic lycan resistance leader with the haunted eyes is an anchor in a sea of chaos, a pillar in a world gone mad. He is the only one who can keep his demonic brethren in th And nothing will stop her from supplying her wealthy customers with top-grade mal ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Lycan Warriors — 3. Leader of a lycanthrope team nqthalie mercenaries, he fights hard, plays harder.

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Was it a comment you made? I mentioned one night on Twitter that I was going to buy one of your books Damnation but my friend, Nicole of BlogHappy , twittered back that I should try Feral. So I bought both books and here are my somewhat incoherent thoughts.

First, this book is a space opera in the vein of a Linnea Sinclair or perhaps, Ann Aguirre. Spy and assassin, Eva Grigorevna Serova, is sent on a mission to retrieve a digital transmission. Oh, and she should eliminate the entire team that she is working with once the digital transmission is recovered.

The team is comprised of a number of lycanthropes. Lycanthropes are deemed to be viscious, sub-human types. Poor buggers. And now a menace. This seemed a bit off to me. If Eva believed, had a bias against lycanthropes, as equal members of society, would she really be so willing to shed her clothing and engage in the beast with two humps with the science created animal? In any event, Eva finds the time to bed Solomon, find the chip, and then face the dilemma of executing her orders.

In the same space of time, Solomon discovers there is a traitor in their midst and while he is off humping Eva, the mission is going to hell in a handbasket. Eva, ironically, is more feral than Solomon. After all, she is willing to accept any assignment regardless of how morally bankrupt it is and not for any reason such as patriotism or revenge, but just because. And her amoralness never really fit with being part of a structured governmental outfit.

Did she have any belief or direction? Was she merely an automaton? As for Solomon, he was standard hero issue. Seriously, his entire character arc was devoted to his fear of hurting Eva, particularly when they were sexxing it up when he was shifted, even though there was plenty of evidence that Eva liked it when he went shifted.

Eva, with her moral ambiguity, was far more interesting than Solomon, a hero who has starred in an overwhelming number of romances before. Another thing that I found curious was that there were quite a few action scenes in this book but I found myself bored. Nicole really enjoyed this book and it seemed to have all the elements of a story that I would like too.

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REVIEW: Feral by Nathalie Gray





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