Learn how and when to remove this template message The city has been known by several names, including Biskra, Sokkra, Vescra, Vecera, Vescera, Adbesran. Historians do not agree on the origins of the current name. Some[ who? But the Roman leader Betolimih BenyoubaII gave it another name, "the river of destiny", which is due to the river of Sidi Zarzour its current name that crosses the city.

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Sarisar During this period the whole area became under another monarchy. In the end the post colonial phase characterized by the proliferation of self-built no plan to urban and architectural quality at least and without model, where typological reference, which has only to be curbed, after the instruction of the laws intervention and control of the state, over the urban space, by launching large Housing development operations in the framework of ZUNH, in the form of housing communal collective or subdivision which, despite this, has not been able to resolve the demand for housing, bringing the state to promulgation, other laws havingobjective, improving urban quality, openness and diversification stakeholders.

It is the place of delicious dates, traditional and historical craftsmanship. The driest month is January 3. They wrote about her without exhaustion. Thus the legal and administrative status of a region, the environment through these physical, geographical, climatic and economic data are decisive factors in the construction to be cared for, and take them into consideration.

Precipitations are quite rare despite some showers usually recorded during the coldest months, mainly January and February. Biskra passage of different peoples and civilizations in this region, a city, the style and look of the original and vital.

It is a crossroads between cities in the north of the country. Because these changes become so important, the institution has to be stronger and go beyond in order to reach an excellent level and to ensure a long survival. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Carbuccia, the French Colonel withdrew. This defeat did not diminish the will of the inhabitants to resist against the forces of the French armies. The struggles and fights continued for 7 months without stopping.

The city covers an area of Poets and artists, historians bisra philosopher, literary and even hunters and sportsmen; Have found all in this paradise, their dreams, their inspirations and their memories. The inhabitants of Biskra lived with the hunting and sale of wild animals to the Romans who raised them or trained them for circuses. Views Read Edit View history. During this first period, the war of Bou Zian, chief of tribe, is memorable.

Started by the pre-colonial phase which testifies, that the city was pending this period under Roman rule over country of the Berbers, and having taken the role of the capital of southern Numidia, and the. Due to its geographical location, its climate, its natural resources, especially farming, it has experienced the passage of all civilizations, from the Romans through the Arabseven the French.

Large quantities of fruit, especially dates and oliveswere grown in the vicinity. Canrobert, Barral, and Lourmel giving the death of Chief Bouzian with besieged and people on the French side. It remains, undoubtedly, an eternal cradle for civilizations, and a center of cultural influence. Between all these versions on the origins of the name Biskra. Biskra — Wikipedia Dust storms occur fairly regularly and can sometimes rise to Haboob levels and darken the. Provincial seats of Algeria. The shooting was terrible, the natives retreated but there are enicabb several dead and many wounded, finished with the knife by Bou Zian, and his men.

InBiskra became a French garrison. Part of the city is surrounded by the Sfa Pass and the Ziban Mountains. They came from the desert of the Caspian Biwkra the largest inland sea on the side of present-day Iran. Retrieved 11 February Apart from the mountains that surround it, the topography of Biskra is generally very flat. Media related to Biskra at Wikimedia Commons. The availability of human resources have played a great role in the realization of these processes and the maintaining of the work status within its basics and principles.

The coalition led by Sheshonq Berber name: It took 7, troops and 53 days of blockade for the destruction of the siege by the three colonels together: There are also a lot of black and red spiders that some enidab hide in dead tree stumps.

With the help of the inhabitants of the city, who did not hesitate to give their human and material support, Jugurtha destroyed the Roman army at the end of the so-called Emicab region. Biskra is located in the north-east of Algeriain the district of Biskra. TOP 10 Related.


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Grève à l’enicab: Les précisions du groupe Benhamadi





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