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Tube surface Tubes are supplied normally without anti-corrosive treatment, but anti-corrosive treatment is available and is carried out on request. Packaging Tubes are bundled as standard, with steel straps into hexagonal bundles with one end flush. Length sorting can be carried out on request. Tubes can also be bundled in multiples. Bundle weights are adjusted as requested by the customer.

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Inquire Us E Tube are low-cost, mild steel tubes. These tubes are not as hard as carbon steel tubes, but with carburizing, the surface hardness of these tubes can be increased. We supply these EN E Tube to clients in all parts of the globe, with butt-weld ends. So as to prevent oxidation of these pipes, when they are in storage, they are varnished. The characteristic of E Tubes is that they have a specified surface roughness and they have precisely defined tolerances on dimensions.

These tubes are in great demand for use in general engineering industries, automobiles and furniture. We can supply these tubes in long pieces or cut lengths and we can even bore these E Tube from forged, machined bars. Our E Tubes have been designed for use in very specific applications. We manufacture these tubes with a superb quality surface and a large number of dimensions and we guarantee the technological and mechanical properties of our tubes.

And it is only after these EN E Tube have successfully passed these tests, do we deliver them to our clients. We manufacture these tubes from the finest quality raw materials and they conform to national, as well as international specifications.

You will find our prices to be best suited to your pocket. Whatever is your need for E Tube, be sure to reach out to us, you will be happy you did!


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BS EN10305-1 Seamless Steel Tube


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