Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis: 18 Flames of Initiation Peer Reviews The Complete Works of EA Koetting is provides the reader access to what is possibly the most valuable well of occult knowledge that is practical and applicable to the modern day magickian. I dare say that this would be the only grimoire one should ever need to purchase and practice from in order to become an adept sorcerer. I, myself, have utilized these techniques in my own practice and have proven them to be successful. This grimoire will likely be remembered as one of the greatest contributions of occult knowledge ever made available to the public.

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While subjects such as Hoodoo and other diasporic practices are entered into in depth, as well as Norse Magick and Western ritual, the meat of the material are those Operations which have never before been practiced or even discussed outside of the walls of the Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis, and which have been found by those who have laid their hands on this Magick to be ultimately effective in exacting physical result.

E A Koetting - Kingdoms of Flame. Working with the training and the resources of the Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis, I completed this task the following year, releasing the results in a thesis manuscript to the Order.

I have entered all of the gateways, summoned all of the entities and performed all of the rites that were contained in that text. I have seen and have proven without doubt that these beings do exist, that these Kingdoms do hold reign in that region called Regnum Spiritus, between this world and the next. Having proven its efficacy and potency within the ranks of the Order, we have collectively decided to release the Grimoire to the public.

Herein you will find the notes that were made as I tempted the beings within to divulge their every last secret. You will be privy to accounts of spiritual phenomenon as they manifested before my eyes. My fallacies and successes are laid out here, as well as the formulae that led to unlocking the fullness of the Grimoire.

More importantly, we are releasing within these pages the original information from the Grimoire itself. Entities whose names have rarely before been called, whose images have taken form before very few eyes, whose powers have scarcely been set into effect on this earth are listed in these pages, along with their sigils and the attributes of each one. The Squares and the Gateways are given, unaltered and pulsating with energy, waiting to be opened. And an arcane language that sends a shockwave into the very fabric of reality.

It was never made known to me or any other with which I have spoken who the original authors of this book were.

Some say that it was the Grand Angel, Enkidorat. More likely, it is the work of one who came before me, a Grand Emissary of the Eighteen Flames, who set down on paper the most basic information pertaining to these secrets.

We offer this Grimoire in hopes that some true aspirants may be led in Ascent by it. At the same time, we realize that it may be misused by many dark Magicians. Either way, we allow the Wyrd of the Aeon to direct the powers of the Path, and we await the violet whirlwind that will ensue. Through a system of basic principles - the core of which has remained virtually unchanged despite geographic and historical spans - entities, or embodied intelligences from other planes of dimensions of reality, can be brought into direct contact with the Evocator.

Through similarly universal methods, the mystical adventurer can become acutely aware of his own more subtle bodies, and can consciously separate them from his physical body and travel into worlds beyond the flesh. Evocation pierces the veil between the worlds from the outside; Soul Travel pierces the veil from the inside. Few arts outside of these two are capable of such a dramatic rending of the supposed separation between the physical and the spiritual.

In both of these practices, a firm rule is in place that the Operator must remain in control of the Operation from start to finish, that he must never relinquish control over the process or the outcome to any of the multitude of nonphysical entities surrounding him.

I have violated this rule, and as a result, I was taken into a world where all of my assumptions on the nature of the world of spirits and its interactions with our world were destroyed. For a time, I turned the entire operation, not only of the evocations and the translocations, but of my very spiritual Ascent, over to a demon. To Azazel. I can only trust that when this work is completed, he will set me free.

In the hundreds of spirits that I have summoned to appearance before me, four or five have left an unshakeable impression. But something about them hints at the fact that what is seen in the initial ritual is a shell, a presentation for the public, a mirage thrown up to discourage further inquiry. We do live in a magical world, and therefore it comes as no surprise that the world we live in is being managed by magicians. Politics is merely the outer manifestation of the magical arts operating behind it in the shadows.

All real conspiracy is based on magic. There is no politics without magic, and preventing you from seeing this occult truth has been achieved by the art of magic too, because your materialist paradigm is the outcome of a magic spell.

The only place in the cosmos where there is no magic is within the souls of those who have been programmed not to believe in it. Magicians have been using that spell against you to make you into an easy prey, a helpless Muggle. And also know that the highest GOD has been existing long before Christianity ever came into being. Some even argue that Jesus Christ was the reincarnation of Krishna, the Hindu Avatar, and this may well be true.

What you perceive and how you perceive it is what you are, what you have been, and what you will become. The world is the mirror of your soul, and your entire life has been nothing else than a grand Rohrschach ink-blot test.


E.A. Koetting

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E a Koetting



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