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To adjust the Differential: 1. Scroll to Switch and press the scroll wheel. Scroll right to select On Differential is always on or assign the differential to a switch position. Press the scroll wheel a second time to save the selection. Move the Throttle stick until the cursor is near the point you wish to remove.

Scroll to Remove Pt. Page Mixing If you wish to assign a mix to a switch position: 1. Make sure you are in the desired mix screen. Move the switch you want to assign the mix to. Scroll to the switch position where you want the mix to be active. Press the scroll wheel to activate the mix.

When the box is filled, the mix is active. The mix is Active when the box is filled and Inactive when the box is open. You can assign a mix to be active in multiple switch positions 0,1 or 2. Tip: Use Auto Switch Select to select the switch.

Back Mixing Back Mixing applies a mix to all related servos in a wing or tail type. The mix response, however, depends on the aileron channel included in the mix.

A Back Mix also enables you to use fewer mixes to achieve the desired response, for example adding roll to a split elevator. Page Sequencer 5. Step: The sequence only changes at kick points.

Otherwise, there is a delay in the sequence until it reaches the next kick point. Proportional: The sequence movement is proportional be- tween kick points. The sequence maintains rate and direction until it reaches the next kick point. Adjust the Sequencer motion percentages in the third screen. Timer The DX9 Timer function allows you to program a countdown timer or stop watch count up timer to display on the main screen.

An alarm sounds when the programmed time is reached. You can Page System Setup Monitor The Monitor screen displays the servo positions for each channel graphically and numerically. This is useful to verify programming functions, trim settings, mix directions, etc. The numeric value is directly relative to the travel adjust and mix values e.


Jr Propo DSX9 Manuals

Shall Its a tough choice! When the leds flash remove the bind plug, the leds should continue to flash. JR should have had this removed form the manual by now. This Transmitter is very hard to find. There is nothing in the instructions about this and was wondering if this is the idea and if the two batteries need to be of the same Mah and voltage.



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