As such, the diode can be viewed as an electronic version of a check valve. This unidirectional behavior is called rectification , and is used to convert alternating current ac to direct current dc. Forms of rectifiers , diodes can be used for such tasks as extracting modulation from radio signals in radio receivers. However, diodes can have more complicated behavior than this simple on—off action, because of their nonlinear current-voltage characteristics. The voltage drop across a forward-biased diode varies only a little with the current, and is a function of temperature; this effect can be used as a temperature sensor or as a voltage reference.

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Additional delivery time may result for some deliveries. Please allow extra time for delivery to western states. Premium freight is not available on oversized or bulky items. Contact the Techstore should you require more details. Delivery addresses Goods cannot be delivered to a post office box via an express courier service. If shipping to a PO Box you must select standard delivery during checkout. Company policy is that we do not under any circumstances issue instructions to our couriers to leave deliveries unattended when no one is at the delivery location.

Heavy goods For unusually large or bulky orders our customer service staff may contact you if any additional freight costs are needed. We do not automatically insure unless you specify it during the checkout. Parcel lockers We deliver to parcel lockers around Australia.

Dangerous Goods Dangerous goods in reference to shipping are items or substances that when transported are a risk to health, safety, property or the environment. These include and are not limited to: explosives, radioactive materials, flammable liquids, dangerous or volatile chemicals, strong acids, compressed gases, poisons and aerosols.

Items that can contain these materials include battery banks, aerosols, some tools and lithium batteries. Hazardous Materials.


1N4004: Standard Rectifier, 400 V, 1.0 A



1N400x general-purpose diodes


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