Book Design: Mathias Eliasson. Rules Development: Mathias Eliasson. Special Thanks To: All the players that have contributed with feedback and ideas This book is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Used without permission.

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These and spearmen are your typical 50 man horde unit. Spearmen: Spearmen let you fight with an extra rank. Archers: Instead of Armor Piercing or extra reach, Archers have Volley Fire, so the guys in the back rows will be more useful than ablative armor. Still not all that useful here, because why would you be deploying your ranged units in more than two ranks, to begin with?

Would you want these over the average swordsmen? Well, being handicapped does make it a tough sell. Free Company Militia: Wielding two weapons and without armor, these guys will live fast and die young. Huntsmen: Dirt cheap archers with Scout. Get in some first turn shooting and territory claiming, then spend the rest of the game taking potshots. Warriors of Ulric: If you wanted an alternative to all the detachments of a mainline Empire army, you have these roving bands of bastards instead.

Sword-and-board, greatswords, double-weapons, they can handle whatever you give them. To become a Knight of the White Wolf you have have to kill a wolf with your bare hands and skin it. They wear the fur of the skinned wolf on their armor, so they look pretty badass. They are your only Core knights option. Come equipped with greatswords duh , full plate armor, and are Stubborn. Make a great tarpit or anchor for your army.

They can also are StateTroopers, and can now take a magic banner. Take thirty or more. Crossbowmen: Trades Armor Piercing for an extra 6" range. They are esencaly Greatswords in fullplate and take no penalties to initiative. Wolf Kin: A skirmishing band of berserker savages, not unlike the Dwarf Slayers.

These guys share the Reiksguard statline as well, but they lack any armour by default. Thankfully they can be customized a bit between dual weapons, shields, and greatweapons, and light armour at least gives them a fighting chance. They also have Hatred Everything to guarantee that they land their blows. Hunting Hounds: One optional man leading around a bunch of dogs. Rare Units[ edit ] Great Cannon: Hell yes. An amazing deal for points and really no Empire army should go without at least 1 cannon.

Mortar: Unreliable and low Strength, but they do cover a large area. You might be better off with the Helstorm now. Alternate view - the previous version of these was kind of broken, so their points were increased and their S was lowered. It can be used either as State Troopers and should be kept small, no more than models in each unit. Winter Wolves of Middenheim: Wondered where the Gryph knights went? Well, now they ride around on giant wolves!

These wolves are a point faster then Gryphs with the only real drawback of lacking barding. Oh, and the fucknuts pricing, only 4 less then Demigryph knights, but your paying for Thunderwolf Cavalry , they are going to mess up a lot of things.

A takable knight unit if your not spending your rare choices on anything particular. Children of Ulric: You now have Wulfen. They will tear up Rank and files. In order to survive and thrive in challenges, a character will need three things: A good weapon.

Good Armor. Armor of Silvered Steel and the Armor of Fortune are also good choices. My suggestion on a grandmaster is: Ogre blade, Talisman of preservation, full plate armour, shield, barbed horse. Magic banners will help you out tremendously.

The Griffon Banner is great if you can afford it, while the Steel Standard has your knights ignore barding penalties and allows them to reroll 1s for movement.

The best banner for its points, however, is the Standard of Discipline. A no brainer choice. Magnetize your artillery so you can swap between cannons and mortars and between Helblasters and Helstorms. With some fiddling, you can fit them on an ordinary warhorse instead of a gryphon. PS: Most empire units can be proxied not in GW by using other companies models. Army Composition[ edit ] This is largely a matter of personal preference, but keep two things in mind: Size matters.

Most of your army is going to be Strength 3, Toughness 3, so melee units need to be big in order to have staying power. One unit of 30 State Troops is a lot harder to break than two units of The days of Herohammer are dead and gone, probably forever Not anymore thanks to End Times.

Only take characters if you have a specific role for them to fill in your army. Magic[ edit ] The Empire is one of the few armies to get access to all eight Lores of Magic. Still some lores are definitely play better.

Good choices are: Life: This Lore could only be more awesome if it had tits and was on fire. And every time you successfully cast, you heal a wound, which can be on any model within 12". Seriously, take this Lore, and take it for the highest-level wizard you have Metal: A good choice, but only comes into its own against enemies with high armor values Warriors of Chaos, Bretonnians, other Empire armies, and so on.

Casting Plague of Rust on Skinks or Clanrats is a waste of fucking time, and the lore attribute means that direct damage and magic missiles are less powerful the less armor their targets have. On the other hand, all damage spells ignore armor saves, and the augments it offers are fine in their own right.

Light: Gives you a lot of very nice buffs Speed of Light is a godsend should your opponent get into your artillery and debuffs particularly Net of Amyntok. Death: Four words: Purple Sun of Xereus. Cast it on your Knights, Greatswords or Flagellants and swing for the bleachers.

This is statistically the hardest lore to cast, so make sure to give it to a level 4 Wizard Lord. Heaven:One of the best lores for an all cavalry Empire Army. Use a lvl4 and a lvl1 wizard for that double iceshard which gives -2 hit which goes a long way when charging high strength units and -2 to ld which is really useful when charging steadfast units.

Thunderbolt and Chain lightning is decent for taking out MSU armies and Comet can help you against corner armies as well as controlling the movement of MSU armies. All the spells are cast at a decent cost which allows you to attempt several spells compared to life, which gives your opponent a dilemma when he has to prioritize which spells to let through. Also, heaven spells have a good range so you can keep your wizard in the back protected by f.

This lore is highly underrated. The downside is that it requires some practice to use. If you want to just murder shit, though, there is always Fire: Literally just spam fireballs and shit everywhere. On the other hand, you can probably afford 2 heroes for every one of theirs.

Most of the time all you can do is deny them kills and combat resolution so kitting your heroes to survive the stupid numbers of attacks likely to be inflicted on him is a good direction to take as normal troops would probably just get minced.

The Good: Melee detachments can make a counter charge. Ranged detachments can make a Stand and Shoot action at no penalty if their parent unit is charged.

Detachments get any special rules that their parent unit possesses, as well as many prayers from Warrior Priests. Detachments lose their special abilities if they are more than 3" away from their parent unit.

Detachments cause Panic now. Parent units do not get to react like detachments do, so a smart opponent will either just charge the detachment instead or tie it up with a chaff unit unless you can give him a good reason not to. Take the high ground: In real life, placing artillery on the highest position available gives you an unparalleled vantage point over your enemy, and the same is true in Warhammer.

Placing your artillery on a hill behind your troops means that you can fire over them without giving your target hardcover this is less important for mortars and Helstorms, which fire indirectly.

However, do NOT put your artillery in a building if your opponent has an artillery of his own or high-Strength units he can bring to bear on it; every model in the building takes multiple wounds, which can wreak havoc on artillery. Bulls-eyes with 4" scatter or less means you can do 21 hits on a unit per rocket, for a maximum of 63! Use the reroll wisely, though; you do increase the chances of a misfire.

If you roll a 6, just hope for bulls-eyes for a 2" scatter unless you get three rockets, in which case you might want to go for it. Hit someone with a Killing Blow Fireball.

Walk forward every turn, shooting merrily. Put a Warrior Priest in the same unit, and have him cast Hammer of Sigmar to give the Witch Hunters rerolls to wound in close combat, or Soulfire to make all ranged attacks Flaming. The unit has mobility, damage output, damage resistance and passes all Leadership tests with: Inspiring Presence.


Warhammer Army Project/Cult of Ulric

I give myself to Ulric, that I shall not fear to die. Once worshiped as the foremost god of warfare amongst the ancient tribes of the Reik Basin and seen as the patron deity of the Early Empire, his influence in the southerly regions of the Empire has mostly been usurped by the newly emergent Sigmarite and Myrmidian faiths. Despite this, the Ulrican flock remains first and foremost in Middenland , Ostland and most of Nordland , for the war-like provinces of the north know that there is only one true warrior amongst the heavens, and thus continue to remain an impenetrable stronghold of the Ulrican Church. According to legend, Ulric is said to have once walked the land, leading a tribe of warriors known as the Teutogens out from the East. These savage warriors slaughtered their way through the indigenous forest tribes of the Reik in order to secure a new homeland and prove their dominance, dedicating every kill in honour of their war-god. After uncounted years of bloodshed, Ulric led these savage tribesmen to a great mountain in the frigid forests of the icy north.


Cult of Ulric

Description[ edit edit source ] The Cult of Ulric, known also as the Church of Ulric or the Ulrican Cult is a state-official religious organisation that administrates the worship and prayers of the followers of Ulric, God of War, Winter and Wolves. Second only in power and influence to that of the Cult of Sigmar, the Cult of Ulric is amongst the most ancient of religions, dating back long before the Empire of Man was created by its founder, Sigmar Heldenhammer. He is worshipped predominantly in the north of the Empire, within the territories of the Grand Barony of Nordland, the Grand Principality of Ostland and especially the Grand Duchy of Middenland. Worshippers of Ulric preserve the spirit and traditions of their pre-Imperial ancestors, and the leadership of the Cult of Ulric is able to trace its roots back over three millennium.


These and spearmen are your typical 50 man horde unit. Spearmen: Spearmen let you fight with an extra rank. Archers: Instead of Armor Piercing or extra reach, Archers have Volley Fire, so the guys in the back rows will be more useful than ablative armor. Still not all that useful here, because why would you be deploying your ranged units in more than two ranks, to begin with?

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