Zukazahn Streamline Pictures made an ef You are commenting using your Twitter account. School nurse Ganon arranges for a taxi to take them back, where Kirika invites Haruaki inside. Gabriella Ekens from Anime News Network criticized the anime for its unoriginal plot and characters, though she praised its visuals and considered it an entertaining show. Fear, Haruaki and Konoha promptly give chase, leading the two to an abandoned house. March 10, [6]. Shortly afterwards, while Haruaki and Kirika are working on paper work, she collapses and a panicking Haruaki carries her to the infirmary.

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Selective Obliviousness : Haruaki. This becomes a problem in volume 15, where Kirika suffers a Heroic BSoD , because of him continuing to not respond to her confession, and overhearing him offhandedly say he prefers things to remain as they are.

She would have avoided a lot of suffering in that volume, if Harauki was more considerate of her feelings. Slice of Life : Starts off along these lines, but this is a trick the writers are playing on the viewers, see Cerebus Syndrome. It seems the trope will be subverted when the group rescue her, because he finally responds to her confession back in Volume 12 that he may love her back, and to move into his house, but still, nothing further comes from it afterwards besides the move itself.

Sugar-and-Ice Personality : Shiraho after she defrosts. This Is for Emphasis, Bitch! Tsundere Fear, since everyone who got close to her up to this point has gone mad and died. Villainous Breakdown : Peavey in episode 5. You might actually feel sorry for her. Not only did she lose the thing that saved her from the abuse she suffered in her childhood, but its curse was suppressing her sense of guilt. After Abyss was destroyed, every immoral thing she did after Abyss saved her comes back to haunt her all at once that it nearly destroys her mind.

Villain Ball :Taciturn Chatterbox, lead auxiliary, that directly serves the Dominion Lord gets hit with this hard! She was hyped up to be a perfectionist and Crazy-Prepared type character. She even goes out her way to break the silencer and microphone transmitting sounds to the P.

Kirika then incapacitates Chatterbox and takes the cursed tool easily. Villain Decay : Subverted with the Knights Dominion. Peavey set the tone of the series upon her introduction. She was a powerful opponent that drove Fear to unleash her Super-Powered Evil Side , and even after losing one arm was still formidable.

This changes in volume 15 when another knight Sleif appears, and she goes around town attacking people in preparation for some grand plan with a cursed tool. However, she completes her mission before being defeated, and at the end of the volume, the Dominion Lord appears at the school.

In the next volume, a legion of knights are occupying the school. They have taken all the students and faculty hostage, and turned the school into a fortress. Also Sleif, who they have not been able beat; the lead Auxillery Taciturn Chatterbox; and the Dominion Lord himself are their opponents. Voluntary Shapeshifter : Cursed items like Fear and Kohoha can switch between their human and item forms at will.

Vomit Discretion Shot : Peavey twice, once in episode 4 because of her dislike of cursed tools, even the one she has to now wield, and the second in episode 5 when Fear gives her a Shut Up, Hannibal! Was It All a Lie? That was the entire point behind the incident. Satsu ko wanted to test her mental strength by making friends with Fear and the others, and later resolve herself to fight them seriously.

Wise Beyond Their Years : Haruaki is stated to be this, and he definitely acts more cool-headed than most shounen protagonists. This is more due to his habits that are more cultural than modern.

What the Hell, Hero? Wham Episode : Volume The whole volume shows glimpses of the second strongest Draconian making preparations to use a cursed tool that reverts a person to a previous state. At the end, the target was revealed to be Konoha in order to reawaken her as the Demon Blade Murasame. Also, Konoha just witnessed Kirika making a confession to Haruaki, making her vunerable.

The volume ends with the Draconian succeeding and Konoha now as Muramasa leaving together with her. Volume Next morning, Fear and co. However, the commander lied in order to bring them there, because he wants Kuroe after witnessing her abilities in the fight against Sleif to add to his power. The Commander beats the crap out of the group , and is just about to kill Harauki. Seeing this, Fear relies on her Super-Powered Evil Side to face the Commander on equal terms, and loses consciousness.

Fear realizes in her rampage she harmed Harauki, and cries. Next morning, a helicopter lands on the sports ground of the school. Exiting, a legion of knights come out, along with the Dominion Lord himself. My Daughter of sin. Word Salad Title : The word "Curious" in particular seems like it might have just been thrown in to round things off, but it still fits: Fear is a Cube that is Cursed, and she is Curious about normal human life.

This becomes more evident as the show goes on. Yandere : Konoha is a mild form of this - meek until Harukai is threatened, then watch out!







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