This is a must book which every jee aspirant should have to be with them. This book contains all the questions of all the topics which are generally asked in the JEE examination. Well, coordinate geometry consists of the straight lines, circles, parabolas, ellipse and hyperbolas. All the necessary stuff related to these topics have been given in the book. Friends actually JEE examination generally mixes up the questions very well as we all know.

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File: PDF, Polar Equations and Oblique Coordinates. Miscellaneous Problems. The present book deals only with Cartesian and Polar Coordinates. Within these limits I venture to hope that t he book is fairly complete, and that no propositions of very great importance have been omitted.

The Straight Line and Circle have been treated more fully than the other portions of the subject, since it is generally in the elementary conceptions that beginners find great difficulties. There are a large number of Examples, over in all, and they are, in general, of an; elementary character. The examples are especially numerous in the earlier parts of the book.

I am much indebted to several friends for reading portions of the proof sheets, but especially to Mr. Dobbs, M. For any criticisms, suggestions, or corrections, I shall be grateful. Loney has passed more than a century. Still now, this is a world wide accepted book in Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences. Digital copy of the book is available in the internet or in digital library. This is also a digital version of the book but arranged in different order for the reader who is directly reading the book using modern electronic devi ces like computer, digital reader, i-pad, i-phone, mobile, etc.

This reduces the movement of digital pages of a thick book while also helping in the verification of the answer obtained by the reader. Also the reader do es not have to remember page number for this purpose. It saves both time and effort.

A brief and detailed contents of the book are also given at the beginning of the book. Th is helps reader to search a topic as per requirement. Loney is a fundamental book on analytical geometry in Mathematics for school and college students. Even after a century, it is still now an unparalleled book on two-dimensional coordinate geometry and it creates the backbone of a student who love s mathematics.

This bo ok consists of 17 chapters. Some fundamental algebraic results are stated in Chapter 1. Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 deal with the fundamentals of coordinate geometry.

Chapters deal with straight line and pair of straight lines. Chapter 7 state s the concept s of transformation of coordinates. Circle and system of circles are discussed in chapters 8 and 9. Conic sections that include parabola, ellipse and hyperbola are discussed in chapters 10 through Discussions in chapters 1 are based on rectangular a nd oblique Cartesian Coordinate system. Conics in polar coordinate system is discussed in Chapter General equations are discussed in chapter s Last chapter, Chapter 17 deals with miscellaneous propositions.

Loney is the father of all coordinate geometry books available in the present academic market. One should read this book carefully — it will create a mind with clear concepts and in depth knowledge on coordinate geometry. This helps the reader to solve any kind of problems on coordinate geometry of 2D.

Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter Loney or simply Loney. He was born on 16 March and death at the age of seventy -nine years occurred on May 16 He belonged to the older generation of Cambridge mathematicians, whose training was broad as well as specialized, and his position as third Wrangler in the then undivided Tripos justified the high opinion formed of his abilities at Tonbridge School by his teacher, Mr.

Hilary, one of the most remarkable mathematical teachers of his generation. He authored a number of mathematics text books, some of which have been reprinted numerous times. He is known as an early influence on Srinivasa Ramanujan.

His mathematics books are widely in use in In dia. His book, The Elements of Statics and Dynamics , published in , is used across various universities in South India. His books, Elements of Coordinate Geometry and Plane Trigonometry , are also popular in India among students preparing for competitiv e engineering examinations.

Some of his popular books are 1 A treatise on elementary dynamics , , Cambridge: University Press, 2 Mechanics and hydrostatics for beginners , , Cambridge: University Press, 3 The elements of coordinate geometry, , London: Macmillan and Co.

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