Likewise, many of the rules in ChumpCar mirrored those in LeMons to allow teams to easily switch between the two race series. Preparation and rules[ edit ] To enter an event, competitors are required to select a vehicle from the list of cars at the end of the rule book. The table contains a large variety of makes and models to choose from. If the point value of the vehicle is less than , additional points may be spent on performance parts, as long as the total point calculation of vehicle plus performance parts does not exceed This point calculation excludes required safety equipment, as well as maintenance and replacement of wear items with OEM or OEM-equivalent parts.

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Rules How to use the links below? These are the important safety items and the procedures that ChampCar uses to access the race car you have chosen. You have the stock engine, the stock transmission, and the stock rear diff. Super easy paperwork. Like a Chevy V8 in a Mazda Miata. They have a bit more paperwork to do. Start here with the paperwork. What does that even mean? ChampCar uses a points-based system to value race cars.

Performance items- shocks, springs, engine modifications, etc. ChampCar uses this point-based system to control the cost required for a team to go racing. Strip out the interior and take out all the glass, except the windshield. Install the roll cage, seat, fire-suppression system, and harness.

Add the ChampCar number and sponsor panels and you have just created a race car. Read the rules to fill in the blanks. ChampCar has various race formats, but they generally range from 7 hours to 24 hours. Get people on your team that knows what end of a screwdriver to use and can think clearly at am when a wheel bearing starts to disintegrate. Pre-Tech Inspection via Skype! Schedule a virtual tech inspection with ChampCar tech officials. We will no longer be using email to answer any tech questions.

All questions and answers will use this new system. ChampCar Downloads.


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