Fenrigar May 09, Andrea rated it it was amazing. Jun 25, Jeanine rated it liked it. Macy is his worst nightmare. There are enough murders, missing people, accidents and blood spillage that the local authorities should be a bit more concerned about the strange happenings occurring on the island of Paragon. Mar 14, Sandy S rated it liked it.

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Oct 10, Kala rated it did not like it I read book two and book three of this series back to back, and the plots of both were so similar and boring that I am having trouble distinguishing between the two. She time travels to visit a psychopath a lot too. And Skyla parties. A lot. The formatting is terrible, with entire paragraphs randomly indented. The editing is awful with rampant spelling errors. With almost anyone.

This author has no concept of building up a romance. There is no buildup and anticipation before a steamy kiss, Skyla just slobbers all over every guy on nearly every page. The author fails to stick to her own canon. She also later gets her face sliced up and that takes forever to heal too.

Apparently super regeneration powers only work on missing limbs. Marshall is a ridiculous character. With that in mind, it bothers me beyond belief that NO ONE seems to have a problem with him having a sexual relationship with students, acting completely unprofessional in class, and inviting students to his house where lots more making out and sex happens. Her step-father is just a moron, her mother waffles between caring and not caring. The author forgets about it, then randomly brings it up in scenes that should be more important but are glosses over and then forgotten about.

Skyla and Gage teleport around and kill all but FIVE of the Count regional leaders making no attempt to hide their identity from secretaries or witnesses. This scene lasts all of a few paragraphs, has zero repercussions, and is only mentioned in passing once or twice afterwards. You would think this would be a pretty big deal I ended up skimming much of this because it was too uninteresting to read.

Over the course of the book Chloe gets more and more psychopathic, but Skyla keeps visiting her anyways. This subplot is the only part of the book I thought was reasonably well done and interesting. She needs to learn how to build up suspense, even in the romance aspect. There were so many unnecessary scenes and so many scenes that really needed fleshing out. First, if you have not read the the first two, then STOP!

Buy them all, then read them in order. You CAN read them in any order you wish, but why would anyone want to read them out of order?! Anyway, back to this one. For those like me who wondered if we would get to know the contents Burn progresses at break-neck speed, much like a wildfire through dry tinder.

There is simply NOT a place you can comfortably stop so you can do something else, no matter how much that something else needs to be done. Every time I was forced to stop reading because it was NEVER voluntary all I could think about was getting back and finding out what happened next! Everything I want so desperately to say contains some kind of spoiler so I am going to wrap this up by saying it was excitingly written, we get to learn even more about our main returning characters I am soooo gonna kidnap Gage and Logan one day!


Burn (Celestra Series Book 3)





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