Burger Wuss Burger Wuss About book: "Burger Wuss" is about a teenaged boy who starts dating the "girl of his dreams". It is bliss for a few months of them spending time together. He does not make any "moves" on her though he thinks about it because he respects her. Then, he finds her at a party underneath a faster boy- he wants revenge on the boy, but instantly forgives the girl. He begins to set a plan in motion to get revenge on the girlfriend-stealing-jerk

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Would you like fries with your revenge, sir? A revenge story set in a burger shop? With two chains pitted against each other? Over a girl? Perfect YA material for a great read involving teenagers, plans, relationships and giant character ketchup dispensers. A good last-minute feminist rant, and final twist that made me smile, making an overall great read for teenagers.

Some mild sexual content and themes more suited to older teens. It shows what he is willing to do to get his ex back from Turner. I also think it is said that he got dumped. It is also nice how he has really good friends that help him through this. It probably makes he fell bad that his best friends are dating and he is not dating Diana. He was told maybe he was dumped because he is not serious enough. He thinks it was just about respect. I found out Turner wasnt dating her anymore.

I I really like the book. I thought it was funny they played a softball game in ankle deep water. Usually I am more of the Mike Lupica sports or the Darren Shan horror type of person but I decided to try something different and I am glad I did get to. Everything is different. The way it is written is different. The first day Anthony started working, I have read many books in my life and this one particularly stood out to me.

That right there should have been a sign to Anthony. I would have been yelling at Turner or looking at him like he was dumb. That is the reason I liked this book. It left me, the reader, wanting to read more and more. I just could not get enough of this book. Until Anthony realized they had set him up to get jumped after he started to get beat up and the fact that Dianna was just standing there watching.

How dumb could you possibly be? I would have never believed Turner. Never trusted someone who made my girlfriend leave me. Even though Anthony turned out talking to her again and turning nice. But that is what lures me in as a young reader. This book was made for my age and up. I really did not expect it to be as mature as it really was. I was assuming it would be a little immature just because I had judged the book by the cover. Burger Wuss is a more of a romantic, comedic, love seeking, fighting and stealing type of book.

I enjoyed reading something other than sports or horror for a change. I learned a lot from this book overall. One thing is to never give up on someone that you love so much as Anthony began to give up but then finally got a hold of himself. Also that you stand up for yourself. Anthony was always getting bullied when he could have been a man and stood up to Turner and fought back to the guys from their rivalry food restaurant. I enjoyed this book and surly do recommend it to readers who want to find a book that is comedic and loving at the same time.


Burger Wuss (2005)

Biography[ edit ] Anderson was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Anderson worked at Candlewick Press before his first novel Thirsty was accepted for publication there. He currently lives in Cambridge Mass. Anderson tends to write with sophisticated wit and storylines, making the point that young people are more intelligent than some might think. He used these media sources to convey an accurate teenage voice, but even more depleted and abbreviated. As a writer he does not shy from taking on difficult questions and deeper, more mature concepts and themes. The only exception to this view of his characters has been his main character in The Astonishing Life, Octavian Nothing.


Burger Wuss


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Matthew Tobin Anderson


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