Malami The man versus nature conflict provides the climax of the story, as the family finds themselves stranded in the middle of a hail-producing thunderstorm without shelter. He puts a tarp over martinez-serdos body and stands over them, shielding them from the rain and hail. The apparent fear that the narrator shows is abated when his father takes charge, protecting and soothing his sons. This section contains words approx.

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Together, the four original BRIC countries comprise more than 2. As early as , Goldman Sachs forecasted that China and India would become the first and third largest economies by , with Brazil and Russia capturing the fifth and sixth spots. The chart below shows a more recent forecast of the world ranking of the biggest economies in the year Click on the image below to view the full-size chart in a separate tab or browser window.

Together, the BRIC countries accounted for 30 percent of the increase in global output during the period. The charts below depict how the increase in the middle class population of the BRIC countries is forecasted to more than double that of the developed G7 economies.

Click on the images below to view the full-size charts in separate tabs or browser windows. By , China plans to invest 2. Next 11 Emerging Markets Many analysts and commentators have suggested expanding the original group of four BRIC nations to include other emerging markets.

Indonesia Indonesia has been one of the stronger performers of the Next 11 group of developing countries. The GES is an index developed to measure the extent to which structural conditions and policy settings in a country are conducive to transforming the economic potential of the BRICs, Next 11 and other countries into reality. The GES consists of 13 sub-indices that fall under one of five categories of economic growth determinants: o Macroeconomic stability — inflation, government deficit and external debt o Macroeconomic conditions — investment and openness o Technological capabilities — penetration of phones, PCs and internet o Human capital — average years of secondary education and life expectancy o Political conditions — political stability, rule of law and corruption In the original version of the GES, the scores for each of the four BRIC countries fell in the top half and above the mean of the rankings for all developing countries.

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Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC)

BRIC is an acronym for the developing nations of Brazil, Russia, India, and China - countries believed to be the future dominant suppliers of manufactured goods, services, and raw materials by These figures include a high in , following a plunge in value, surrounding the financial crisis. Instead, it asserts they have power as an economic bloc. It has been postulated that by these economies would be wealthier than most of the current major economic powers. This growth is due to lower labor and production costs in these countries. Foreign business expansion happens in countries with promising economies in which to invest. Goldman Sachs, which coined the term, also created an investment fund especially targeted at opportunities in the BRIC economies.



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BRIC Countries – Background, Key Facts, News and Original Articles


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