Have been using Behringer products for the past few years. Have to wait for the buzzing sounds to dissapear before i hit the record button. But sometimes the buzzing return while recording!! A definaite No No for recording. Everything sounds dirty with less head room after running through a signal into it.

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Page 2: Safety Instructions The user should not attempt to service the appliance beyond that is described in the Operating Instructions. All other servicing should be referred to qualified service personnel. Page 4 EURORACK MXA s 8 mono input channels with gold-plated XLRs and phone connectors s 4 stereo input channels with balanced TRS connectors s 2 additional multi-functional stereo aux returns s Pre and post-fader aux sends for external effects devices and monitoring s Master aux sends with gain control s Extremely high headroom—offering more dynamic range Page 5: Table Of Contents 1.

Page 6 7. Page 7: Introduction Stereo input channels A further 8 line inputs on the MXA are configured as 4 stereo input channels. These are ideal for multitrack tape returns, or for accepting outputs from MIDI and other electronic instruments. Channel outputs A high-quality true logarithmic mm fader feeds the main mix or Alt bus via the channel pan.

Page 8: Before You Begin 1. If you want to make your MXA a rack mixer, loosen the screws from the side panels and use them to fix the rack ears note, that there is a left and a right one. Page 9: Equalizer , is equivalent to setting a fader level of minus infinity. When mixing directly to stereo, it acts as a normal mute. However, this button also acts as a routing button to the Alt outputs.

In other words, you select between the main mix and Alt stereo buses via recording to multitrack, as we shall see later. Page Insert FX units will have their own output level control.

Page Stereo Aux Returns 4. Aux returns 1 is perma- nently assigned to the main mix. If you connect a jack to the left socket only, the aux return 1 operates in mono. Page 2-track Input And Output 1 or 2 submaster faders. They are also used to route to multitrack recorders see also sections 9. There are no fully-fledged subgroups on the MXA. However, the Alt bus offers you a second indepen- dent stereo submix with its own submaster stereo fader E.

Page Setting Up However, some settings, such as selecting pre or post for channel aux sends, will depend on the operating environment e.


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