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Instruments[ edit ] The wide variety of instruments used in a batucada include: Repinique , a high-pitched tom-tom like drum played with a single stick or two long sticks and the hand.

It provides the downbeat, the bass downbeat of the rhythm. When only one surdo is playing, it accentuates the 2nd and 4th beat of every measure. When a second surdo is playing, it is tuned slightly higher and is played accentuating the first and third beats of the measure. A third surdo de terceira or Surdo-mor syncopates in between the beats.

Tamborim , a small drum usually played with a stick or a multi-pronged plastic beater. Cuica , a single headed drum with a stick mounted inside the drum body, perpendicular to the head. The instrument is played by rubbing a damp cloth along the length of this stick, while pressing the head of the drum with a finger or thumb. The harder to the stick the finger is pressed, the higher the pitch of the sound is produced.

The cuica creates a unique sound, which can sometimes sound like a human voice. Pandeiro , similar to a tambourine and played sometimes elaborately with the hand.

Unlike the tambourine, the pandeiro can be tuned. Apito , a small plastic, metal or wooden whistle. Celebration Suite performed by Airto , written by Hugo Fattoruso. Kiss of Life by British band Friendly Fires also features a batucada instrumentation in the background playing a funk beat. Batucada performed by Japanese artist Towa Tei with vocals by Bebel Gilberto combines the old style of Batucada with the sound of synthesizers and samplers.

Batucada performed by Brazilian organist Walter Wanderley on the album Batucada.


Batucada surgiu



Batucada Surgiu


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