Zolotilar It is a perfect thing, achieving which one can conquer Kal. Tell me its true effect. From the third drop Mahesh was born and was blessed with Tamo Guna and the five elements. These lines explicitly portray a wife so identified with her husband that she has no ability to live on a plane where he is not, and so follows him in death, voluntarily, joyfully, and despite the conventional wisdom of friends and relations — exactly as a true devotee feels about God.

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Anurag Sagar and Sant Mat Anurag Sagar occupies a very unusual place in the literature of the Masters; it is one of the most venerated and least known of all esoteric books. There are also problems of interpretations: as with other mythopoeic treatments of these themes particularly those of Blake, who of all Western writers is closest to Kabir both in spirit and in poetic genius the poem is dense, at times enigmatic, and always demanding; so that to understand it fully without an authoritative commentary is not easy.

One scholar writes: 1n the whole sweep of north Indian religion there is no voice more stringent, more passionate, more confident than that of Kabir. He was not of the proper class to have a Guru or receive any teachings on spirituality, yet his poetry is filled with mystical insights and profound teachings which baffled the great pundits of his time.

So that is why, according to the understanding of the people. Whatever people have written about the Great Masters has been written many years after their departure from this world. According to most the traditions, Kabir Sahib was born in in Benares and he died in , living for years.

There are many different stories of Kabir and of his effect on others, some of which are told in the Introduction of to this book. If this big idol is God, what are these small ones? Second time Kabir appeared to Dharam Das was in the form of a sadhu. You are sinner! What is this? Are you not sinning? Now Dharam Das repented very much, and he thought that if his wife had not got upset at Kabir Sahib, he might have been able to get the knowledge of God.

You have so much money; if you perform some kind of yajna and announce that you are going to donate things to the sadhus, many sadhus will come. It is possible that this sadhu will also come, and you can talk to him and get some knowledge of God from him.

Then Dharam Das went to other places and there also he performed many yajnas, but Kabir Sahib never came. It is better to commit suicide.

If you had come to me earlier, when you had all that wealth, it is possible that you would not become what you will become now.


Anurag Kulkarni

Mezigar These were the orders of their mother. Why did you create me? Each of them had her essence in her. Aburaag The conception of the loweruniverse as a gigantic cosmic egg is wide- spread. Mritak serves the Satguru. How was this body created?




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