Vudor The time displayed on the LCD screen 5 will count down. Alaska Bm Manual Documents. Therefore, the appliance willcontinue the program, which was used last, after power outage of less than 15 minutes. Use the keys lJ.

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Mulkree JAMThe finished bread is too mo ist insideWhen using the same recipe next time, add an additional tablespoon of flour or usecorrespondingly less water or milk. This minor difference can influence the balance of the recipe. The brochure athand contains a collection of vedienungsanleitung for bakingwhich will be useful to you. When disconnecting from the power outlet, do not pull on the power cable, do not wrapthe power cable around the unit. Please bedienungsanleitugn the following instructions to understand therole of various ingredients in the bread baking process.

Operating and control panel with LCD screen6. Got it, continue to print. The baking pan 2 and dough hook 3 are dishwasher save. The br ead rose too mu alwska might have used too much yeasl, flour or wat r. When using the programs 1, 2, 3, 5 and 11, the device will sound a signal to remind you toadd further ingredients, e.

Opened yeas t packages or cans containingleftover yeast to be used at a later time should be closed immediately after opening, kep t airtight and placed in the refrigerator. Alaxka, it is possible for the bread to rise bedienugsanleitung than normal if salt is omitted.

Ingredients — TemperaturesAll ingredientsparticularly liquids water or milk should be at room temperature, meaning21 C.

Immediately disconnect the power plug in th event of damages or malfunctions. Manual Alaska BM Heat and steam must be able to bereleased without obstructions.

Program without baking phase. The level of the liquid must correspond to bedienungsanelitung respective mark on the container. Page of 15 Go. Hold the baking pan 2 diagonally above a baking rack and slightly shake ituntil the bread comes loose.

These breads areusually heavy beedienungsanleitung more c0p1pact than breads made from white flour. Pleasekeep in mind that using flour types from various manufacturers can also influence theresult. Prevent damage to the power cable from crushing, bending or rubbing on edgeskeep thepower cable away from hot surfaces. Yeast must be able to feed itself with sugar and carbohydrates of the flour in order toproduce this gas. Never fill the baking pan 2 with ingredients, including liquids, exceeding this amount.

For baking light bread with a thin crust. The recipes listed in the above manual are based on theuse of crystallized sugar. This leaveningagent does not require time to rise prior to baking, since the chemical reaction will occur onlyafter liquid ingredients added. However, even a short power outage could caus th appliance to restart. The dough is not kneaded, even though the motor run s.

Self-Rising FlourSelf-rising flour contains unnecessary leavening ingredients, which influence the baking ofbreads and cakes. Therefore, the appliance willcontinue the program, which used last, after power outage of less than 15 minutes.

Cake FlourCake flour consists of soft or low-protein types of wheat. Small quantities of bran and germ are often addedto bread to increase its nutritional value, to make it heavier and give it flavour. This bread machine is intended only for private use,not for commercial applications.

If this ppliance should be passed on to third parties, please also enc lose this usermanual. An estimated quantity is not recommended ; it could influence the bediwnungsanleitung of the recipe.

Sugar is food for yeast andsupports the fermenting process. Most Related.


Bedienungsanleitung ALASKA BROTBACKAUTOMAT BM 2000

Grobar Use this program to bake bread bedienungsanlietung approx. This bread machine is suitable for baking bread with a maximum total weight of g. Otherwise, the result might be unsatisfactory. The baking pan will be very hot.


Alaska bm 2000


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