Chat Transcript : sir sies mms or welingkar pgdm core mumbai? If, however, you are looking purely for placements then I would suggest Welingkar PG. It would be very dangerous to take the CAT with a preconceived notion of the number of questions to attempt. That would be the most important thing to do. Once you are clear about where you are going wrong then you can take some remedial measures.

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Read a lot to improve your english. Be determined. If you mean you got a lesser percentile in VA however, pls make sure you put in more efforts in preparing for verbal - in terms of both practice exercises and sectional tests apart from mock tests.

Just You must use all your reading, writing and speaking as practical applications of the grammar and vocab that you learn. Try to write and speak as correctly as possible.

As for reading, please read as much as you can and, when you do, pay attention to the language - words used, sentence structure and paragraph structure.

Build your vocabulary through your reading and support that with the flash cards and word lists. So, if you think you have to work on your calculation techniques, then focus on it for the next one month or so. The results would slowly but surely reflect the improvement.

Honestly, if you are confident and sure about your ability, it really does not matter when you do it. But the point is you have to work on your speed math. I am bit depressed. Please Guide! What you should do now is to work on your basics by thoroughly solving the study material. How did you do on the test? This was the first Mock test and you need to keep your motivation levels up as you progress from one Mock to the next.

Analysis of the Mock is extremely important rather than just mugging up the explanatory answers after a Mock Test ashkrithik : hello. I scored But this time my scores have dropped. There is always a scope for improvement whether you are rank 1 or When you are mentally relaxed and composed, go through the paper and introspect on what you could have done differently.

With time, as you practise diligently, you will definitely improve. You have a made a great start! Take mock tests and sectional tests, solve practice exercises. Suggest me with some valuable points to improve my performance. Dont be disheartened, Look at the analysis, identify the specific areas where you have not done well and look at working on them.

Please check the chat transcript. If you prepare well in the remaining days, i am sure you will be able to cross 99 percentile in CAT Make sure you work on your conceptual understanding of the subjects.

The basic study material provided by us will be pretty handy in this regard. If need be, book a doubt clarifying session and discuss your doubts with a faculty member i am assuming you to be a T. CAT is held in multiple slots across 4 weeks. Naturally, each is different from another. I scored marks and If it offers any solace, there are many other people who feel exactly the way you do.

The reason you,perhaps, could not attempt DI is that you are yet to get a grip on speed math, which would have been covered in your class. Calculation techniques can be mastered only with consistent practice over a sustained period of time. Continue revising the methods taught and practice from the speed enhancement tests. You will notice a gradual improvement if you practise regularly. Does accuracy matter more or the final raw score? I have been told that the percentile of a person who has scored 50 20C 10W could be less than the percentile of someone who scored 48 16C 0W in the actual CAT exam.

And what should be the strategy then. Easier said than done, this needs and eye that can sense the difficulty level, which can only be developed with practice a2k : Sir, I always find DI calculations irritating and lenghthy.

Even In ,I attempted no qs of DI. Instead I prefered to do quant. What should I do? Are DI qs always calculative? First and foremost read the given sequence of sentences carefully and as you read try and understand the Logic or the situation givem, the main idea in the paragraph and the tone of the author. Note this line will be a general sentence which will open up the para. ALso if you cannot find the Intro sentence, try finding out the mandatory pairs of sentences - sentences which must come together.

Now this can be done on the basis of linking words. ALso in a paragraph when arranging the sentences, the full name of the person should come first and then the half name. THe Nou has to come first and then the pronoun. Take advantage of historical dates if present. LAst but not the least, look at the choices and see which one makes sense coherently krishna : sir i am d final year student of b.

You should first take a firm decision whether you want to do an MBA now or not. Shell i start doing only sectional tests of verbal regularly alongwith cue cards and mock cats or shud i take a grammar book and start practicing from their first. For the Verbal section, a very critical skill required is a good reading habit. SO reading on a daily basis helps. Also you need to practice other question types which are important - Para-jumbles, Para Completion, Word usage based questions and Error Spotting Identify the correct sentences.

All the best. So could you please let me know on what basis my preparation need to go in verbal section particularly for the next few months so that I can get through it.

Read a passage every day from your TIME study material and solve the questions. Also read the Editorials and try and make summary notes of the main points in your own words. Happy reading.

Thanks srinivas : RCs are more about comprehension than about reading speed. Should we calculate values for each fraction. Earlier, when time management was on the students, selective preparation was ok, as the students can afford to spend time on other sections if they found questions from unfamiliar areas. This is not a luxury available anymore in the current pattern piyush : sir now i am getting disappointed in seeing my verbal score everytime.

Let me add here that you also need to spend quite some time analyzing your performance, figuring out the weak links and improving yourself in all such areas, before you take the next AIMCAT. Your preparation will begin when you get serious, and prepare with a plan in mind. First, attend your classes regularly and solve the handouts given in the class at home. Take this as a wake-up call and get serious. You may request your center if they could provide for it, but it is left to their discretion.

Kindly suggest ways to improve. I found them time consuming. What can be done? This was a test of your calculation ability, a test of your ability to apply all that you learnt in your speed math classes. Suggest ways to improve my VA. Improvement in english would happen gradually since it is a language. I donno why, I even didnt revise anything before the test. Make sure you keep preparing for Quant also. Finally, since there is not much of a difference in them i would not say its a blunder.

Ive taken CAT twice in and scoring 96 and 94 percentiles What you need to improve on is to polish your understanding of the concepts and apply them in problem solving.

You should be flexible. And when will the complete analysis be made available? Analysis of this paper will be made available soon. First focus on constructing the likely flow of ideas in the para. Take your time while practising. Practice from the SM and handouts in class. Are we expected to mug up them all? Read from various sources - newspapers, magazines, books etc. Having said that, RPS method taught in class is another valuable tool which will help you in this regard.

Please help? In addition to this,one more good source of articles is a website,url is www. For eg most students enjoy RC passages based on sports,politics,current affairs etc but hate passages based on Philosophy,psychology and economics. You should not only read passages based on your favourtite theme but you must also read those articles which are based on theme that you do not like.


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