Tube manufacturers were keen to promote the superiority of the metal tube construction that was introduced on April 1, , and large quantities of the 6V6 tube were produced in the following decade, many as military supply JAN tubes, and the price of the metal and glass versions were held to closely the same retail price level for the first few years of their production. By , we find that the price of the metal version is almost twice that of the GT version, and this proportional difference in price seems to have remained constant, right through to the end of the s. The metal NOS 6V6 tube, once costing almost twice the price of its now highly valued glass enveloped counterparts, is now considered to be fairly common, and is usually the cheapest NOS tube available, with many current production tubes costing more than its 60 to 80 year older classic predecessor. In the final years of U. Current use[ edit ] Now, eighty years after its introduction, and still retaining its original characteristics, the 6V6 has one of the longest active lifetimes of any electronic component, having never been out of production in all this long period of time. Although historically widely used in all manner of electronic goods, many of which are still in service, it is in guitar amplifiers where its use has become archetypal.

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Customer Reviews Simply a fantastic tube Review by Randy I bought a fender Princeton reverb reissue amp the original tubes were stating to make some unpleasant noise. I purchased some Tong-Sol tubes with a late distortion characteristic for more clean headroom.

I did take a chance with Tong-Sol because they are known for there Rock and roll reputation. Wow these tubes really made a very nice difference in clarity. The amp overall now sounds fantastic. Thank you. I received the tubes on the following Monday as you promised, and I really appreciate it.

This time around I needed to get my Victoria healthy again. Thing just started crapping out on me and making seriously obnoxious noises outside of my typical guitar playing J. Only three tubes, but I did not have time to sort them out — so I just replaced all three tubes with those I purchased from you.

I just thought my setup was hosed, but holy cow, what a difference after replacing the tubes. There is a 3 dimensionality and added clarity to it now that just makes my mouth water. Absolutely wonderful. I suspect I better start really learning about tubes and their impact on tone.

It really makes a difference. The tone from these is very smooth and rich. Works great with distortion. The higher voltage handling of these tubes adds a little extra headroom, which is always a plus in my book. Please, log in or register Community Poll What kind of power tubes does your amp use?


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