These offers do not apply to Kanomax products purchased by third-parties such as distributors. These beautifully engineered devices boast some of the most highly advanced technology in the industry. A combination of accuracy and practicality, these devices are designed for accuracy and performance. These beautifully engineered devices boast some of the most highly advanced technology in the industry; the powerful devices are a combination of accuracy and practicality. Since their inception, Kanomax particle counters have been the trusted choice in measuring instruments of by an ever-growing group of leaders in pharmaceutical, semiconductor, food and beverage industries.

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Page 8: Packing List To connect the instrument with a printer. Carrying Case To store the instrument. Tripod To stabilize the instrument for measurement. Page 9: Description Of Components 2. Description of Components Inlet 2.

Operating hours by battery power are only ensured when using the supplied Ni-MH batteries. Page Precautions For Use 3. Precautions for Use The following precautions must be taken when using the instrument. It is recommended that sampling is performed without using the tube. However, if a tube is required for sampling, the tube recommend below must be used. Page Measurement Modes 4. Measurement Modes The instrument is equipped with six 6 measurement modes.

Measurement of a certain sampling period and interval can be repeated from twice to infinite number of times. When storing the measurement data, the maximum number of measurements is 10, times. Character positions may not correspond to the actual screen.

Setting of this item 3. Setting of this item 2. CNT : Integrated value : Number of particles per one cubic meter. Page View Stored Data 5. Printing output An optional printer and printer cable sold separately are required for printing.

Power up the printer. Internal setting is not necessary. The data stored in the instrument can be printed out from the dedicated printer connected to the instrument by the following procedure. PRINT 2. Page Useful Functions 6. Page Alarm Alarm The procedure for setting the alarm is shown below. When the set alarm level is 2.


Kanomax 3887 Handheld Laser Particle Counter

Reviews Kanomax Handheld Particle Counter Model The Kanomax handheld particle counter model is an easy to use 3 channel tool for spot checks in particle sensitive areas. The device is pre-programmed with ISO standards to certify clean room operations. Users can also use the model to check the effectiveness of HEPA filters or other filters and as an initial investigation tool for indoor air quality investigations, including checking for mold and mold spores. The handheld particle counter can be used in numerous applications.




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