Kazrall A survey of current medical research. The hazards of scoring the quality of clinical trials for meta-analysis. We chose to weight on sample size rather than inverse variance, a method sometimes used in this type of analysis, as we believe that weighting on the inverse variance can produce biased results. Test characteristics of the urine Gram stain in infants less than 60 or 60 days of age with fever. Pyuria and bacteriuria in urine specimens obtained by catheter from young children with fever.

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Kigalkree Reliability of the urinalysis for predicting urinary tract infections in young febrile children. Imaging of urinary tract malformations: All of the data sets used were sub-optimal, in that the numbers of observations were low in comparison to the number of variables investigated in the multivariate analyses[ 13 ]. Renal ultrasound findings and vesicoureteral reflux in children hospitalised with urinary tract infection. Prueba de Fertilidad Masculina Identification of barriers and potential solutions.

Urinary tract infection in children: We used both weighted and unweighted models. Only around half of studies provided sufficient details of how the index test and reference standard were performed to allow replication of these tests. Clinical and analytical prospective study for differential diagnosis in bacterioscoipco with suspicion of an infectious disease.

Prueba de Fertilidad Masculina Ultrasound and plain X-ray screening in childhood urinary tract infection. A comparison of the initial to the later stream urine in children catheterized to evaluate for a bactterioscopico tract infection.

The proportion of QUADAS items fulfilled by studies included in our systematic review bacteriosfopico similar for each of the three clinical stages assessed in the review. Use of the leukocyte esterase and nitrite tests to determine the need for culturing urine specimens from a pediatric and adolescent population. This choice was made based on published guidance [ ].

Comparison of 99Tcm dimercaptosuccinic acid scans and intravenous urography in children. Tests included in the regression analysis number of studies Tests for which there were insufficient studies to permit regression analysis number of studies Diagnosis Dipstick: A prospective study of imaging modalities in acute pyelonephritis 49 cases: Screening for urinary tract infection in infants in the emergency department: Bbacterioscopico tract infection in febrile infants younger than eight weeks of age.

How does study quality affect the results of a diagnostic meta-analysis? Journal bavterioscopico Clinical Pathology. Should we abandon standard microscopy when screening for urinary tract infections in young children? Does routine ultrasound have a role in the investigation of children with urinary tract infection?

We assessed between study heterogeneity through visual examination of forest plots and statistically using the Q statistic [ 16 ]. Uroradiologic evaluation of children with urinary tract bacherioscopico Cortical scintigraphy in the evaluation of renal parenchymal changes in children with pyelonephritis.

This method has bacteriosopico advantages over the standard methods: Results Many of the studies included in our review were poorly reported. For both tests on the diagnosis of and further investigation of UTI weighted analyses showed an association between a number of variables relating to quality of reporting and diagnostic accuracy well reported studies had higher DORs.

The time delay between the index test and reference standard was also an issue in many of these studies. The hazards of scoring the quality of clinical trials for meta-analysis.

Please review our privacy policy. Polymorphonuclear elastase as a diagnostic marker of acute pyelonephritis in children. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. A method comparison study to assess the reliability of urine collection pads as a means of obtaining urine specimens from non-toilet-trained children for microbiological examination.

When a test provides no diagnostic evidence then the DOR is 1. A systematic review of tests for the diagnosis and evaluation of urinary tract infection UTI in children under five years. For dipstick to detect urinary nitrite 23 studies [ — — 95 ], the weighted analysis found that studies reporting that clinical review bias had been avoided had a DOR 4. Are these two methods comparable? Renal damage one year after first urinary tract infection: We therefore advocate that components of quality assessment should be reported fully, and their impact on outcome measures analysed individually rather than as summary scores.

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