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Top Fashion Shows Held in Casinos Urban Blogger Rebbeca Moore Howard Getting the best and latest urban fashion trends and European fashion trends might sound like an easy thing to do, but with so many fashion blogs and numerous events like the Paris fashion shows, you might be confused about what should you shop next.

Stay tuned! In fact, you can easily notice how pastel colors, which were famous back in the sixties are coming back to life, and not just in clothes fashion, but in interior design as well! Asides from pastel colors, denim is riding a huge popularity wave as well, as it is one of the biggest European fashion trends too.

In fact, most of the times, what is a part of the French one, is also a general part of the European fashion trends. One of the greatest European fashion trends are the single-color scarves that are still very famous even if they gained their initial popularity a few decades ago. In fact, what makes people love scarves so much is that they can have multiple purposes and can be set in different styles.

Best Fashion Shows The truth of the matter is, the fashions shows make the world go around, especially since some of the most popular celebrities take part in them. Another option of a best fashion show that you must visit at least once in your life are the amazing, spectacular Paris fashion shows which also host a lot of celebrities.

They also promote some excellent fashion values and some of the greatest designers and models would give anything to be a part of it. Fashion Shows Held in Casinos Amongst the most urban fashion trends is organizing fashion shows which are held in casinos. However, this might not be very surprising, especially since casinos for most of us mean excitement, luxury and adrenaline, and that is also the synonym for fashion, right? So, it took someone to figure out that the ultimate fashion show should have a great location like some of the best casinos in the world.

In fact, this is exactly what happens — the best designers in the world are finding ways to bring their runway shows in the luxury ambiance of the best casinos in the world. The best thing about casino organized fashion shows is the overall arrangement including the cool agenda with after fashion show party, held at the casino.

During these spectacular cocktail parties, the celebrities enjoy the company of the most renowned designers and models, and they get to play some of the casino games with them. Specifically, most of the time they play casino games and donate the funds into charity, adding a different value to the whole urban fashion trends of organizing runway shows at the best casinos.

Most importantly, it is also noticeable that at these events, we have the participation of some of the greatest celebrities in the world, from all fields. Fashion Week Milan As we said before, Italian ladies are leading the world for being creators of the urban fashion trends. In fact, the Italian city of Milan has international recognition for being amongst the most important fashion capital. Of course, there are also London, Paris and New York.

Regardless of this, Milan has a long and proven history in work with fashion and different designs, which is why it traditionally organizes a fashion week. Search for: Subscribe and stay in touch with fashion trends and news! Email For more info please contact us. Fashion Trends


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