Shakajind Develop and implement communications plans, programs, and directives in close coordination and in support of command, operations and emergency services. Assist other members in proper completion of forms. Coordinate airlift requirements with operations officer. See CAPR for policy on emergency medical treatment. Serve on unit membership board as vapm by the unit commander.

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Interpretation of laws and regulations. Transportation matters 76, 77 series. Initiate recommendations for awards and decorations for squadron members. Know the structure of the CAP professional development program and capn member activities. Assists and the commander in developing the overall accident prevention program. Select personnel to fill authorized staff positions and remove from staff position those members deemed unqualified or cqpm unsuitable to continue in their positions.

Stage display booths and provide recruiting coverage at local high schools, shopping centers, air shows and other public events. Cpm with senior staff. Coordination with other cadet staff sections. Supervising the activities of the logistics officer, operations officer, and senior program officer to coordinate functions required in the efficient operation of the unit.

Bowling — 16 March, Ensure proper wear of the uniform and that violations are promptly corrected. Identify members for non-renewal where continued membership is adverse to the best interests of CAP in accordance with provisions of CAPM Exercises staff supervision and coordination of all aircraft maintenance. Establish reporting procedures to determine the success of operations programs. Control correspondence including messages.

Supplements Plan conferences and meetings pertaining to special affairs. Evaluate aircrew techniques in mission planning, briefings, mission execution, and critiques.

Be responsible for receipt, issue, storage and proper disposal of all CAP property. Implements, manages and directs administrative services activities.

Provide non-clergy support to assist chaplains in providing ministry to the CAP community. Personally contact individuals expressing an interest in CAP by telephone, written inquiry, etc. Serve on unit ca;m board as directed by the unit commander. Advise commanders on initiation of termination actions and serve as CAP representative at termination appeals hearings as appropriate. This program does not have to be a big fancy plan and have a lot of paper involved.

Develop a unit disaster preparedness force capable of responding to appropriate requests. Plan safety briefings to make personnel aware of hazards and safe practices. Usage of DOD real property 87 series. Review of subject matter with cadets. Manages and directs communications activities. Perform spot evaluation checks as appropriate. Plans, develops implements a Public Affairs program.

Prepare and authenticate administrative authorizations. Prepare local publications and forms. Civil Air Patrol Job Description. Coordinate communications conferences, meetings, and workshops.

Ensure that aircraft are painted and identified in accordance with current directives. Review and analyze accident reports for contributing factors, trends and other accident prevention information. Indorse all negotiable instruments. To implement and direct the aerospace education portion of the CAP cadet program they shall: Provide bloodborne pathogen protection training including preventive measures. Maintain unit training records.



Arashibar Civil Air Patrol The Squadron Recruiting Officer formulates plans and establishes policies, procedures and programs designed to assist CAP in attracting new members and retaining current members. Manages standardization and evaluation activities. Coordinate wing disaster preparedness evaluations, training missions, and exercises. Administer written examinations and document flight evaluation checks. Organizational actions charters, deactivations, etc. Ensure the SAR training program is adequate.


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Customs and courtesies of the service. Maintain first aid kits for medical emergencies. Plan safety briefings to make personnel aware of hazards and safe practices. Actually the Program should simply be an agreement to work together and achieve our goal.


Malamuro Supplements Commands the cadet squadron and performs duties related to cadet positions. Develop operational procedures for rapid alerting and assembling of disaster preparedness task force personnel. Indorse all negotiable instruments. Maintain records to determine the status of resources personnel, vehicles aircraft, radios and other emergency equipment available for ES missions. Representing the Civil Air Patrol at meetings of historical and other learned societies. Make presentations to outside groups, both youth and adult, to attract new members and to spread the word about CAP.

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